The clash of the titans - #Parentingfromthesamepage
|   Sep 02, 2015
The clash of the titans - #Parentingfromthesamepage

Are we (my husband and I), as parents, parenting from the same page? Of course we are. And we always do. Just that those pages are from different books! Yeah, no kidding. We don’t like to read the same books. So apparently, we can only be on the same page from different books. We are as diverse as day and night. We don’t see eye to eye on most of the aspects of life. So how can the parenting part be any different? Not much, right? Right.

Apparently, our parenting styles are different as we are. While I’m the devil mom; he is an angel dad. While I’m the one who disciplines and make rules; he is the one who teaches her how to bend the rules. While I’m the one who yells and shouts to get things done; he is the one who gets things magically done, without any coercing, like a magician. While I’m the one who controls and reprimands, he is the one who crumbles in front of all her, reasonable or unreasonable, demands. While I’m involved in all her routine (read boring) and insignificant activities like bathing her, feeding her, getting her ready for school, making her do the homework, taking her to activity classes and so forth; he is involved in all her fun and significant activities like playing with her, buying her toys she likes, taking her to the park, enhancing her taste buds with chocolates and sweets and so on. So basically now you get the drift of how different we are with our parenting styles.

We have a different point of view and opinions for every little thing involving our little one. But that doesn’t confuse our girl’s little mind. She has already decided whose side she is on. No prizes for guessing. Yes her dad. And no, I don’t mind her taking his side. He indeed is the best hands-on dad I’ve ever come across in my lifetime. But to be honest, he spoils her rotten. And that’s where I come in! *Taking a bow* To give her a reality check. To bring her back from her dad’s carefree and full of excitement world to her mom’s responsible and disciplined world. There needs to be a balance and I’m glad that she is getting the best of both the worlds from her parents, to help her grow as a fun loving, caring, exploring, yet a responsible, self-disciplined and a sensible person.  

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