Every day is mother's day
|   May 19, 2016
Every day is mother's day

No shadows,, No heartbeat, No reflexes ,  No senses ,No  Life, Nothing was there but wait for SOMEONE I was still alive. . Who is there??? 

Let's begin the very first chapter of my life book where each chapter each stanza each line is MAA


For the whole world I was not existing till the moment I came to your arms but for you I was always there even when my heartbeats were not with me... 

Slowly and slowly everything was developing heartbeat,  senses,  emotions, reflexes. . With my every new developmental stage your body was suffering alot...But still  I couldn't miss your Lovely touch even for a moment... My sex being male or female was never your priority but my health was always... 

Sometimes I kicked you when after lots of your struggle with sleep you had just won, but with every kick I just got your lovely touch. ..From that moment only you learnt to sacrifice your every victory for me.... 

You matched your eating taste with mine even  when my taste buds were not fully developed.. 

I was getting curious day by day to be in world of light and to know more and more about this world...

Finally day came when my all curiosities met their end. . You hugged me so tightly,  kissed me,,  as if you were holding your whole  world..WAS THAT ONLY A MOMENT OR WHOLE LIFE MAA? ?? 

where everybody was judging me by my sex my colour my body weight I and you were busy in our own world. .. 

Still I feel the DARKEST phase everyday everywhere BRIGHTER being ONLY N ONLY YOU MAA...

With each and every passing moment MOTHER'S TREE OF love, trust, care, support is rooting down more and more strongly  into soil of my soul. . 

Whether I am nurturing this plant or not still getting best to best fruits every moment. . 

I want to nurture my mother tree every day by saying EVERY DAY IS MOTHER'S DAY. . 


Kya Karam kiye mainey jo Tera pyaar Naseeb Hua,, , 

        Pyaar tere ki taakat sey kabhi dukh koi naa Kareeb Hua. ......

Hasta dekh mujhko khud bhi Hass deti Hai, , 

   Gum lekey saarey khushiya hi bus mujhko deti Hai. .. .......

 Haunsley tere ney duniya sey pehchaan karvaayi Hai, ,, 

   Pyaar ki woh murat tu jisey dekh pyaar ki samjh Mujhey aayi Hai....

Khuda nhi tha duniya meri mein bejh diya MAA meri ko paas,, 

  Kalam nhi koi aisi shabad jis key mein ho MAA Jaisi mithaas..... 


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