Caring for my baby's skin
|   Oct 20, 2016
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Caring for my baby's skin

One of the sure shot ways to identify a new Mom is – apart from the fatigue and puffy eyes due to lack of sleep - you cannot fail to notice that she is constantly looking for some information related to her baby. Either through Google or whatsapp with friends, asking other experienced Mums around, consulting the pediatrician. Is he sleeping enough? Why is he making potty so often or is he making it less number of times? Is he fed enough? Is she colic? Is that reddening of skin something I need to worry about?

Babies have a sensitive skin - we all know that and that’s why it’s important to be careful of any creams or homemade paste we use on their skin. Though I am an adult, my skin is sensitive as well, and until a few years I would always end up with some kind of allergy or a rash. After my baby’s birth, I on my part have made sure that I am careful with regard to her skin.

For the first few days I avoided using any external products on her skin. Read a couple of articles that indicated baby's skin are extra sensitive and they are susceptible to atopic dermatitis - it is a skin allergy that makes the skin red and itchy.

After a few days, given the cold and dry weather in Bangalore I decided to use some cream for my baby. I started off cautiously and applied it only on a small portion of her hand and observed if any adverse reaction for a few days. Once I was satisfied that it suits her skin, I started using it. I faced a scary experience of seeing some dots on her skin a few days later- and I immediately stopped using the cream. It somehow looked like the cream wasn’t working well with her skin. Within a few days her skin was back to normal. I then tried a different cream, in a similar way as the old - using it only on a small portion for a few days. This time, no nasty surprises though - it went well with her.

Not just the cream, but we use a variety of products on babies - like the massage oil, some use talcum powder, some use homemade items like turmeric mixed with milk cream, or gram flour (“besan”) which they believe lightens the skin tone. It's important to be cautious when using these on babies- a few words of caution from a new Mum:

  1. Start using one at a time - if you want to start off with massage oil, use that in isolation till you are completely satisfied that it suits your baby’s skin. Only when you are 100% sure go for a new product say a hand cream along with the oil. That way if you do notice any adverse reaction, it’s easier to know which product didn't go well with your baby’s skin.
  2. Initial usage should be a small portion on the hand or leg and not liberally applied all over. Observe the reaction and if positive increase the application slowly and keep observing it.
  3. It’s better not to go by what everyone says as what suits one baby may not suit another. Personally I do not believe about gram flour lightening your skin. If this was true, we would not have anyone with dusky skin around. I was told similar stories while at school and I tried out this as well, but I did not see any such results. And most importantly I am comfortable and in love with my skin and would want my daughter to be confident and feel beautiful as she is. The point I am making is - too much is never too good. So listen to all but make your decision of what you want for your baby. After all, Mumma knows best.
  4. Apart from using products directly, it’s important to be aware that clothes used, detergent used to wash baby’s clothes could also affect the baby’s skin. Hence washing clothes with a mild detergent and washing them separately – from clothes of others is important.
  5. The skin is usually sensitive around the diapered area. Make sure to change the baby’s diapers often, cleanse the area gently with wet wipes and then dry it with a towel, applying some powder helps as well. Try to keep the baby diaper free for short intervals at least.

These tips helped me ensure my baby’s skin is well taken care of:

Do share your tips as well!

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