The Frantic Mom!
|   May 11, 2017
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The Frantic Mom!

A first time mom is always harried, more often than not. I recall a popular joke where a mother of 3 is calming down nervous newbie mom by telling her how things change as you graduate from mommy of 1 to mommy of 3.

 When I had the first one she says, I was paranoid about each and everything, the little one dropped his milk bottle and I went into a frenzy – washing, rinsing, sterilizing the nipple before handing it over to him.

 When the second one came, I just washed the nipple thoroughly in water and gave it to the baby.

 And as for the 3rd she guffaws, I picked up the dropped nipple, wiped it with my skirt and put it right into his mouth.

 Being a first time mom, one tends to be extra cautious.  I recall when my daughter was born I was given instructions on feeding her in the hospital. So it went like , use one breast at a time- first fifteen minutes what comes out is the thin liquid which does not give as much of nutrition to the baby and  after the baby has suckled, then comes the rich, fat contained milk. So keep a tab on how you nurse and make sure the baby gets both. Only after ½ hour switch to the next breast.

My baby would feed for 40 minutes or more initially and I was always at my wit's end trying to keep a count of which one did she have and where do I start the next time.  So I devised the novel way of maintaining a diary where I made a table with L and R, time and duration. The fancy thing lasted for a day or two after which I was exhausted keeping pace and updating it. I also used the diary to note down all about her poop, sleeping pattern etc. When I look at it today, it brings back fond memories.

 I was obsessed with googling anything and everything when it came to my baby and checking with the group of newbie moms. Using the best products for her skin, extra careful when sterilizing her bottles, taking all kinds of precautions to baby proof the house, urging visitors to sanitize their hands- I did quite a lot.

 With time, I learnt where to look for information, it's ok to trust your gut instinct at times and be more of a happy mom rather than a frantic mom. Though I have just one child, I think I have moved to the stage of "wash the nipple in water and hand over” one which works just fine with me and the baby.

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