5 Key Takeaways from Kahani-2
|   Dec 14, 2016
5 Key Takeaways from Kahani-2

Watched Kahani-2 today and I am truly impressed by Vidya Balan once again. What a brilliant performance by her as Durga Rani Singh! She has proved her impeccable acting skills yet again.

The movie addresses a very strong social issue - child abuse. It shows how a six-year old girl (who has lost her parents) is abused by her own uncle inside her own house - with her own grandmother's consent. And, nobody stands for her except for one of her school staffs (Vidya Balan), who is very fond of her.

The girl is punished almost every day by her class teacher for sleeping in the class and poor performance. One day, Durga asks her why she sleeps in the class room and she responds, "woh mujhe raat ko sone nahi dete (he doesn't let me sleep at night)". And, trust me, this sentence coming from a six-year old brought chills down my spine.

Vidya then fights the entire world for this little girl, as she herself had gone through similar abuse during her childhood. And, she is helped by her ex-husband Inder (Arjun Rampal) who had a gut feeling that Durga was right in what she was doing.

While I would say that the story didn’t seem very practical to me, the movie did have some strong message for us, the parents:

  • Observe your child’s habits: Don't ignore even the slightest clue from your child. If your child is behaving abnormally or showing some unusual signs, talk to them and find out the reason. They may have been asked to keep mum and not share the secret with anyone. Be friends with them, give live examples and try and find out the truth.
  • Take a stand: It's not always easy to raise voice against such issues so quite often we stay quiet. But, let's not do that.If you feel something is going wrong with your kid (or any other kid for that matter), take a stand. Raise your voice and make sure the culprit is punished. 
  • Supervise your child: If there are male adults in the family or someone visits you for some time, keep a watch on how they treat your child. Don’t leave your child alone with them, especially at night. I know it’s not good to suspect everyone, but if someone has bad intentions, it would be obvious pretty soon.
  • Believe your child: Listen to your child and believe them. If your child says someone is ill-treating them or misbehaving with them, look into the matter and find out the truth of the matter. We often ignore what our kids say thinking they might be making stories. But, you never know what truth might be hidden behind those stories.
  • Be your child’s best friend: Your children can confide in you only when they have faith in you and they are comfortable with you. Starting a very young age, build that faith in your child. Spend quality time with your children and keep assuring them that you are there for them always and they can share anything and everything with you without any hesitation or fear.
  • The movie has beautiful cinematography and brilliant performances by all the characters. Though the subject is a bit heavy, I would recommend everyone to watch it – but not with your children please.



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