It's a baby boy again!
|   Aug 27, 2016
It's a baby boy again!

I once happened to meet an acquaintance in a get together. In one of our earlier meetings, she had told me that her sister was expecting. So, out of curiosity, I asked her if her sister had delivered the baby.

Very happily, she said, "Haan, beta hua hai. Pehle bhi beta hi tha. Mera bhi ek beta hi hai." (Yes, she is blessed with a baby boy. The first child was a boy too. I too have a son.)

For a moment, I couldn't respond. I couldn't make out if her sister having a baby was a good news for her or having all boys in the family was the good news she wanted to share with me.

Coming from a family where inspite of being the eldest of three sisters, I was never cursed for being a girl; I really couldn’t relate to her happiness. I just congratulated her, smiled and walked away.

But, inside me, I could feel a storm. Why does this discrimination exist at all? Why is the birth of a girl child still a matter of shame for some families? And, I feel all the more sad when I hear such words from the women of our society. How cruel it is on their parts to discriminate, despite themselves belonging to the same gender!

I am glad I do not come from one of those families. My parents have always been proud of their daughters and I am equally proud of mine.

My request to all parents out there - love your daughter, pamper your daughter, make her belive that she is the best. Always stand by her side, no matter what. Never ever make her feel that she is a burden on you or your family.

Let's start from our own families and let's hope to witness an unbiased nation in our lifetime. Amen!

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