Mumma, mujhe school nahi jana...
|   Aug 31, 2016
Mumma, mujhe school nahi jana...

There are times when my six year old daughter does not want to go to school...for no specific reason at all. Once in a while, I don't mind giving her that liberty, but if it happens quite often, it’s definitely a matter of concern for me.

A few months back, just as she came back to home from school, she made an announcement, "Mumma, kal mujhe school nahi jana. I asked, “Why dear”? She said, “Bas, yun hi.”

I didn't discuss it any further because I knew there was no use discussing it then and left it for the next morning. Next day morning, when she got up, I asked her to get ready. She said, “ Mumma, maine kaha tha na mujhe school nahi jana.” I asked her, "But, why beta. Aise to chutti nahi le sakte na." She said, “Mujhe nahi jana, bas.” After a couple of questions and answers, I said, "Okay, don't go. We will study at home.” She got happy and hugged me.

Came next morning and she said the same thing, “Mumma, mujhe school nahi jana.” Now, this was not usual. Second day in a row she had never said before that she didn't want to go. I got a bit angry and scolded her. She started crying loudly and said "Mumma, please mujhe school nahi jana." I got a bit upset and concerned.

I asked her again why she didn't want to go and if someone had scolded her or said something to her. She said, "Mumma, mujhe mera school pasand nahi hai. Mera dusre school me admission karwa do.”

Now, this was something new. This was her second year in this school and she never ever had said that before. She was actually quite happy with her school, Class Teacher and friends. I got a bit worried. What could be the reason? Why is she not sharing anything with us? All the crazy school incidents that flash in news every now and then started taking turns in my mind. I started probing her even more. I asked her if there was any secret that she has been asked to keep. She said, "No Mumma, nothing like that." Her dad also tried probing her to understand the issue.

After a long discussion, we only got to know that the other day it was drizzling and she had got a bit scared, because of which her Class Teacher had slightly scolded her. And, she also felt a bit embarrassed because no one except for her got scared. I knew my daughter was very sensitive, but to this extent - I didn't know. For a moment, I was like, "She doesn't want to go to school for this reason?" I couldn't believe it.

Anyways, then came weekend, and I thought she might be okay by Monday because it's anyways a small issue. Over the weekend, we tried to relax her in every possible way. We spent quality time with her, took her out for movie and dinner. And, she was quite happy.

Next came Monday morning and she started crying again. But, she got ready to go when I told her that I will drop her personally and meet her ma'am too. Still she was crying inconsolably and my heart was crying too. But, I had to do this because I knew the more I delayed it, the more she would not want to go. I went to drop her and met her class teacher. I asked her if something had happened. She also could not think of anything apart from the same incident that my daughter had shared. I told her about the entire episode of her not wanting to come to school after that. Her teacher was very sweet and asked me not to worry. She assured me that she will take extra care of my daughter. And, she also requested me to send her regularly. With a heavy heart, I came back home.

That day, when my girl came back from school, she was much better and happier. She told me how her class teacher took special care of her and pampered her.

It took another 3-4 days but finally, she settled down and our lives got back to normal.

This entire episode made me realize how sensitive kids can be at times. What may be a very small issue for us can be a very big and sensitive issue for them. As parents, it's our duty to handle such issues with a lot of sensitivity and patience and help our kids overcome them.

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