Treating your Little Bud with this awesome recipe - By Bhawna Lohia
|   Nov 04, 2016
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Treating your Little Bud with this awesome recipe - By Bhawna Lohia

I am quite a lazy person when it comes to cooking. Particularly, if am I am tired and hungry at the same time, then cooking is the last thing I would like to do. I would rather have something instant or ready made. That’s the reason whenever I go out; I prefer having something outside or carrying a parcel so that I don’t have to cook just when I reach home.

Last Friday, it so happened that I had been to a nearby mall for Diwali shopping. I shopped and shopped till I literally dropped. And, when I checked my watch, I realized that it was time for my daughter to come back from school. So, I rushed back home. I had no time to eat anything or get something packed. By the time I reached home, I was totally exhausted and extremely hungry. And, I had no energy to cook.

Then, I recalled that I had picked up some instant Quaker oats packets from the mall. Each packet had a different recipe so I was confused which one to try. Then I saw this packet labelled “Lemony Veggie Mix”. The flavour appeared to be tempting so I thought of giving it a try. Just as the company claims, it got ready in exactly three minutes.

I had the first spoon and I was like, "Wow, what an amazing flavour." There was this tangy lemony taste combined with lots of veggies and oats. And, the taste was really awesome. I quickly had some more spoons and within minutes, the bowl was empty. When you are hungry, anything that you get to eat seems heaven and if you get to eat something that’s so delicious, your day is really made.

That evening, I cooked the same recipe again for my husband and my daughter. And, they both loved it too. Let me tell you that the two of them are otherwise very choosy about food.

So, I can conveniently say that particular recipe by Quaker Oats is my family’s favourite now. I make sure I always have some packets handy so that we can have it whenever we want.

So, next time when you are hungry and don't feel like cooking, you know what you need to try - Quaker Oats Lemony Veggie Mix. In fact, why wait for the day to get hungry, go and grab a packet today itself. I am sure you and your family are going to love it too.


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