A regular good bye.
|   Dec 03, 2016
A regular good bye.

Good bye! Two average words join to make a tragic, melodramatic, emotional or sometimes a witty end. It is dreadful when the person is in the midst, a pair of slipping palms while another in a firm grip. Yes it is difficult, abstract, for a girl to wave good bye to the love of her life so that she can start afresh with another love of her heart. 

This churning turmoil of emotions has not lessend a bit in these five years. I remember the first time I flew off with my husband. A new bride in gorgeous red attire, red bangles, red vermilion and teary red eyes. The luggage trolley in one hand and another to wipe off the flooding tears and the running nose. Head swinging from exit door towards the entry, to catch a glimpse of crying parents. He suddenly came near the glass wall and starting making faces. A man in his fifties to his daughter in her twenties. The airport eye - witnessed it. Some wished me luck for the newer tomorrow and some empathized with my emotional histronics. I gathered all my baggage, my memories, my commotion and waved off to my tearing puffy eyed father and flooded content smiling mother. Oh, I love them so much.

Now I am a mother of an infant. I am going back to my other home, yet no emotions has changed. Through the glass of the train, my father is trying funny faces and my mother standing behind, smiling in pain. A pain of distance, its presence in longevity. But this time along with the people at the railway station, my kid was amused too. The big black eyes were enjoying it. For the little one, it was the same, his favourite game which his grandfather was playing this time with his mother.

Waving bye is the toughest emotion we all have to display. I wish it go likewise forever and ever and I am going to miss them throughout.

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