The Abandoned child
|   Nov 03, 2016
The Abandoned child

A news flashed in top 100, the reader said in his dramatic note, "A newborn child abandoned at streets, under the open sky at New Delhi. She was a girl child". A pause and he moved on to the next piece of news. His convenient tone bewildered me : was that his  insensitivness or the professional indifference? Before jumping on to the conclusion, I thought of a thorough research. I read the local news paper of Delhi, switched to different channels for a detailed documentary and did Google. After spending an hour the humanism took over the disgust. Goodness sparkled and transformed to various forms : the humanity shown by the group of people who informed the police, by the police who wrapped her delicately to keep her warm and by the doctors who did everything to keep her alive and loved. 

My conscious started building the thought web in some corner of my mind. "Why do we abondan a child after birth, when there are many ways to terminate it at the beginning if it is so unwanted? Fool, it was a She and the family might have wished for a He". I cursed the category of such low-down and dirty with all known mighty words. I was blue and aghast after the follow up of the news and collecting the facts. 

At night when everyone was asleep, my mind became restless flying bat in the dark, hopeless world. I distracted myself and after hardship when I slept, I heard it talking and my conscious was jumpy, all over again. 

Delhi, 19th October, Wednesday, 1:00 am A hospital received a call from patrolling police regarding a newborn abandoned on the cold street by some cold hearted people. Why am I taking the effort to mention them as hearty ones.. Ruthless, cruel and male chauvinist. They informed the hospital about the urgency of the incidence. 

1:30 am 

The khakhi men and women are running towards me, I peeped into the woman's lap, a small tiny baby is there wrapped in a piece of cloth. Oh poor, she must be a girl child. They are running towards the children's ward. Seema, the nurse, took her and rushed to the emergency ward. 

2:00 am

I asked my secret wall to evasdrop, it telecasted me about the problem and the treatment going on. The girl was found in a plastic bag without any clothes. Because of cold and dew at midnight, she became stiff and her blood sugar dipped. It was difficult but the efficient doctors saved her. 

2:30 am 

She is bawling with hunger, a nurse brought some milk in the beak bowl. She was fed satisfied and soon started yawning. Oh you, sleep well and dream happiness. 

Why I sound concerned? I am the surrounding providing her the warmth and security. Who am I, the lifeless walls of the life - saviour building of a famous old hospital of the capital city of India. I have witnessed people jumping joyous after saving a life and go numb after losing the dear ones. But this one is different, a lost life lived through me. 

The people living out there, outside my perimeter, the walls outlining you is getting hollower everyday. You threw off a living girl child, abounded her and look at me! My foundation is getting stronger everyday by accepting them through, providing them food, shelter and hope. A hope for a new life, better life. And there is no stopping by, at least not for a rugged, old, lifeless wall. 

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