The penniless Saga of Housewives and house-maids.
|   Nov 18, 2016
The penniless Saga of Housewives and house-maids.

A verdict arrived yesterday by Supreme Court that daughter - in - law must not be treated as house-maids. The bench stated flaring and inspiring long paragraphs about how should be the condition of women, and what it is now. The judge K S Radhakrishnan said, "A daughter-in-law is to be treated as a member of the family with warmth and affection and not as a stranger with respectable and ignoble indifference." It focused about the growing greed and insatiable demands of the boys family from the daughter - in - law's family. It further expressed it's concern about the expanding insecurity amongst the daughter - in - law about being thrown out of the house. 

I quickly grabbed my daily calculative diary and started doing some basic mathematics. How much did I make if I ask for my house-work as per daily wages act. I had to be liberal as it was my Own house. So according to the Minimum Wages rule, I made quite a good money. Further I penned down to calculate the money made by my mother - in - law through her mother - in - law. Then I thought how to put forward my demand of my earned money. It turned out in a hefty amount and with this current government demonitized plan it sounded foolish of me and cruel to them to ask for currency. After all, we all need some change. 

Then crossed my mind is the leaves. The sick leave, causal leave, earned leave and in my case, special woman leave and maternity leave. I jotted it all down in another column, it turned up in half an year. And what I was given, almost a couple of weeks. Phew. 

There are times when we go on family vacations. But thinking over it closely, I found that we are on less-work leave. How? Where is my brush? You brought only one towel? You should have packed some more pickle, you know Papa likes it so much. The kid is cranky, can you please stay back in the room? Bahu, you forget my yellow shawl!! The only thing I never bothered during Holidays was : cooking. 

The best part of this thankless ubiquity job is the facility of lack of resignation. Not leave, leaving. This is big. Resignation means, you are shrewd, lazy and master planner. It may too signify the philistine, minimal character or a home-breaker feature too. The judgement radar will trace you and leave you under several hash tag. So this option is a social disaster. 

We women are so used to this life style that we never realize when the heavily embroidered lehenga attire transformed into an waist tucked cotton saree, a designer hair style changed into a bun, mehendi into broom and mop...Yeah I am a housemaid. A housemaid of my house. Dear judges, it took so long to realize the deteriorating condition of daughter - in - laws of India, but thankfully you made a remark. 

Please Note: I here stands for all such women who are suffering physically and mentally. 

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