500 and 1000 no more a big number 
|   Nov 09, 2016
500 and 1000 no more a big number 

Diwali just went past this year with a bang (despite the mass appeal to say no to crackers ) and then came PM Narendra Modi with a louder bang ! 1000 and 500 rupee notes is no legal tender anymore. His voice resonates louder in the ears of every Indian citizen today. 

   While we talked about corruption, unequal distribution of wealth and the likes of it for many years, this is probably a first bold move that has been made to fight against it. The money that was hoarded, that could be of so much national benefit, is now just scrap of paper. What a great move Mr. Modi. Kudos to you ! 

   The news was broken to me on the phone and since the Idiot box has been long thrown out of the house, it took a while to confirm the authenticity of the news. The social media was abuzz with jokes on the same and information to enlighten the confused citizens. There was madness all over as people ran in a frenzy. Why ?What went on in their minds, i don't know.

   I did a quick mental calculation of the ones i have. 4 of them to be precise. They were handed over to me by hubby dear the night before.  "You"ll have to manage with this for a while, diwali par to diwala nikal jata hai", he said laughing.  I kept them safely reminding myself, that they must be spent wisely. " Imagine having bundles of these to spend on Diwali, you never know it may happen sometime in the future." We both had a hearty laugh. The next day you hear this big thing in the news and those notes have suddenly lost all their charm. 

 Out came our dear piggy bank, that was placed at a strategic corner, so that it gets a coin or two every day. It is opened somewhere near Diwali, all the money counted and handed over to the local kiranawalah who then handed over the 'big' notes to me. That money was used to give the diwali makeover to the house. This year, it was kept untouched. While fb, watsapp and twitter is abuzz with the consequences, here i am, counting my 'wealth'. It makes me feel ' rich' and ' empowered'. I hope this move does that to every common man. 

Note : This big move is definitely a path breaking step by the Prime Minister and let us hope and pray that it brings about a revolution. Lets look forward to a better future. #Modifightscorruption

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