Born as a woman; judged for life
|   Mar 11, 2017
Born as a woman; judged for life

     A woman in our society is born with a responsibility; that to follow the code of conduct of the family and to ensure that she does not bring disgrace to her family by any means. That disgrace could be because she wanted to study like her male sibling, or because she wanted to be independant or maybe just because she dressed up in a pair of jeans. The day she comes into this world, until she breathes her last, she has to carry this responsibility, most of the times keeping wishes, desires , values and dreams, all at stake. 

 I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a daughter-in-law. Each role has it duties and responsibilties, which i fulfill to my utmost capability. However, i have my opinions, my choices and my desires too. I am MYSELF first. 

   I chose the man of my life because i knew what i want for myself. The man who would let me be myself and accept me as i am. Don' t call me a rebel for i broke the norm of an arranged marriage; i followed my heart. What i have in life is a result of my choices and i have no regrets. I am married but i do not wear the bindi, the bangles, the sindoor and the mangalsutra. For those who insist that i should, i refuse to flaunt my marital status. I wear them ocassionally to add to the grace of an attire rather than just as a tag that should always be there. 

  I ask my husband to share the household chores with me. There are times when i call to say that i wish to eat out or when i ask him to take over the kitchen. For those who pity the man or call me disrespectful, these household chores are just a small part of the beautiful bond that we share with each other. I spend the summers with my family back home. For those who worry about the man of the house  who slogs hard to earn the bread and butter, i work hard to run the household too. The break is a well deserved one and marriage is much more than only washing a man's clothes and cooking for him. I still love my family and that time that i spend with them keeps me going at times when we are miles away. 

  I go out with my friends and have a good time, leaving the little one behind with my mother. I eat before my child, leave the house in a mess at times to catch up on my sleep and i don't feel guilty about it. My baby needs the love and care from a mother who is calm and stressfree. For those who feel i am incapable or irresponsible, i'd rather be unorganised than losing my sanity trying to be perfect. 

 Stop judging me for my actions, i have a mind of my own. I have a life of my own and i am living it to the fullest.#StopJudging

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