Bringing on the winters with fun and laughter
|   Jan 07, 2017
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Bringing on the winters  with fun and laughter

The vacation is going really well, much better than we had both expected. I had been worried how cold it would be and how difficult it would be to keep the little one safe from the winter chill. The winters in Dehradun are too cold and as soon as I reached, people warned me about the illnesses that can be caught due to the weather.  Thankfully the sun shines bright during the day and evenings are cold but bearable. What I had to do was to keep the little one busy with things according to the temperatures.

We wake up early in the morning and the little hero keeps us on our toes till he falls asleep in the afternoon after lunch. The warmth of the sun is the best luxury that I can ask for during the winters and we have that in abundance at home. Both of us make sure that we make the most of the sunlight. The day we reached, the little boy was pleasantly surprised to see a heap of sand lying in the garden and a litter of stray puppies running around. They jump with joy as soon as they see him and run to play with him. He feeds them and runs around while they chase him lovingly. Then we enjoy a hearty breakfast sitting in the sun. He has also learnt now that since he has played with the stray pups and might get infected by germs, he has to wash his hands really well before eating anything. We wash our hands with hand wash and ensure that we are germ free before our meal.

He runs to the heap of sand as soon as he finishes having his breakfast. The smile on his face and the squeals of delight while he plays with it are priceless. People who visit us would see him playing in the sand and tell me to not let him play there. However, I had read the importance of free play for children. The curious minds love to explore anything they can lay their hands on and also learn from their surroundings. He enjoys digging the sand, hiding things under it and then finding them and sometimes rolling into it too. What a task it is to clean off the sand from his clothes, and him, is of course a different story! To make sure that he does not contract any diseases due to the germs, I make sure he cleans his hands with the hand sanitizer. It kills all the germs and protects him from any kind if illnesses. Adding a few drops of the antiseptic liquid to the water while washing clothes, keeps his clothes also germ free.

My little one loves playing outdoors and keeping him indoors requires serious skills and patience. The evenings are so cold; we keep him indoors to keep him warm. Kids love to play on the floor and despite warnings from a few people about not letting the child play on the floor, I have a great time playing with my little one. We build blocks, paint our favourite cartoon character, make puzzles and roll out chapattis using dough which are then cooked to be eaten. He loves having chapattis that he has made for himself and has them with a sense of pride; and I enjoy watching him have his food on his own! Yes, the little boy is growing up now and wants to do things by himself. Therefore he is made to sit on the floor with his feeding apron on and have his food the way he wants to. The thing that I need to ensure is that the floor remains completely clean and germ free. The floor is mopped clean, it helps you get rid of the germs as well as insects and flies.

As the temperatures continue to dip, I am happy we are braving the winters strongly with a lot of fun and laughter. The mommy and baby team is rocking, growing colder? Bring it on!

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