From 'HUBBY' to A's father and back....
|   May 26, 2016
From 'HUBBY' to A's father and back....

"Call me as soon as you are free!"

"I am still awake,keep messaging.The boy is sleeping.Can't talk.

"What are you busy with?Chat with me for a while now.Weekdays you are busy.Let us atleast talk on weekends." 


Whatsapp shut.Go to the phone book.

Search contact....HUBBY

Edit contact......A's Father 

Screenshot sent....feeling better !!!!!

That was motherhood taking its toll on a sunday afternoon which was no where close to what i would have liked my sundays to be.Especially when you are on a break.I was meant to be hanging out with friends,eating out,watching movies and writing a blog every day.After all,there would be a dozen of people to take care of the little one while i could get some 'me ' time.

We had been doing this for the two hottest months of the year for the past 9yrs of marriage.I felt like the Simran from Ddlj instructed to live her life to the fullest,from the husband,to just have fun while he would manage everything back home.At the end of the day i would give him a detailed account of the eventful day that i had spent, either visiting the exhibition accross the road,or a lunch with a friend or a late night movie with family.

Here i was, back home again for my summer break,but this time with a super energetic toddler who refuses to be at rest for a minute while he is awake.For those who think that babies sleep a lot,this one does not like to miss out on anything happening around him and gives us a tough time putting him to sleep.Finding a suitable time to go out is such a difficult task ,for i feel guilty of thinking of his nanis running after him while i make merry.So the latest cafes that opened up will have to wait till the boy learns to sit at a place.The shopping is also a hurried trip to that particular shop and back.This is another beautiful phase of life that i should be enjoying,however,the blues do set in sometime.

To add to the woes of the mother, who is just trying to cope up with the changing times,are status updates from friends.One,who is chilling with her husband in the mountains,another, who is out on a holiday with friends and,even one,who is taking her little one out to the mall for some shopping. The husband keeps calling like before  this time too but the conversations have become more childcentric.Of course,he is concerned about the mother too,but you cannot fathom with a mind that has started believing that its the end of life hereafter.

He would be cursing his stars,for that was the time that he dozed off ,when all the while his phone beeped.The friends are busy in their own world,the siblings and cousins with their respective duties,but the husband atleast should have understood!!!So what if I am busy with the kid most of the time and cannot answer.

The edits,set the alarm bell ringing indicating an upcoming cold war,making him spring into action.The calls have become more frequent now.A few silly jokes cracked to make me laugh.The routine almost remains the same...what has changed are the efforts that are put in to make the mother feel better.

With parenthood,comes an extra share of responsibilities,for both the parents.There are bound to be moments of highs and lows for one or the other.The secret is to empathise with each other and keep yor egos away.A small 'Sorry' or 'I understand' can do wonders.The biggest challenge is finding time to communicate with each other.It is imporatnt to find happiness as a couple and not just be frustrated parents. Thankfully,for me.sense prevailed in time!!!

HUBBY CALLING.....!!!!!!

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