I take my words back Mommies
|   Aug 28, 2016
I take my words back Mommies

I can't believe I had said those words!Maybe as a child, or as a snooty teenager or a grown up woman, who believed that she would be the best mother in the future. I have been mean, judged women, laughed at them and complained about them. Only when you become a mother, you do realize, what a fool's paradise you lived in all this while, thinking you would bring babies up according to your whims and fansies. Here are a few comments that i regret having passed, in my days of ignorance :

  • Why the hell do people have to travel with such cranky kids! Can't they teach them to just stay shut!"    I really wish i could go back to each one of them and give them a tight hug.Tell them that its going to be better with time. Till then, may god give you the strength to fight back all the eyes that look at you with disgust and all nasty words that you may get to hear. 
  • " She dresses up her baby like a clown, someone give her some fashion sense." You know the plight of these women when one day your toddler refuses to step out of those boots with a warm fur lining, even in the summer months. He wakes up to put them on and wears them to the playground, the mall and also to a party. 
  • " There is something that is called a potty seat. They should have taught the child to say he wants to sit on that!" Reality struck hard. The little one may talk endlessly, sing songs, and talk about everything on Earth but not say that he wants to pee or poop. Why waste time sitting on the seat ,when you can conveniently ease yourself while at play! Every time you run behind a screaming toddler, you can just pray for a miracle to happen someday.
  • "Don't tell me you don't get time the whole day.Am sure your baby sleeps for at least half an hour during the day." That half an hour, I know now Mommies. It could probabaly be the  only time you had to stuff the food in your mouth, or to take a nap or even to give some relief to your muscles that have been holding your sh*t since what feels like eternity. You may have lost count of the date and time because nothing seems to change for you everyday. The child is your world and you can take your time to get in touch with the rest of us.
  • A mother's woes,only a mother can know. And to all the mothers i say, " You are the best, I take my words back mommies ." 

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