The joys of life: Then and now
|   Oct 18, 2016
The joys of life: Then and now

The pitter patter of the rains rang like music in my ears. The rain water trickling down the misty windows and the earthy fragrance of the rain calmed my senses. The minty flavours of my favourite green tea, the feel of your feet dipped in warm water in the foot massager and a book in my hand.A long walk in the garden and soaking in the rain, letting all the worries of life wash away with the waters. How much i love the monsoons and i wish it could last forever. 

SLAP!!! I was jolted back to reality by that little hand that just slapped me accross the face in his sleep. Those days have long gone and may take years to come back,if at all they do. I still love the rains, jump around and play in the garden with my son and have fun with him. But what follows are loud cries because he does not want to get indoors still,running after the little toddler who does not want to change his clothes and cleaning dry the floors that he soiled with his muddy feet. I love doing it for him but i miss the peace and the calm at times. 

The house is filled with the aroma of freshly baked chocolate cake that just can't wait to be cut. The table is set with everyone's favourite mutton lasagne, russian salad, baked vegetables and a few more dishes that i spent the afternoon cooking. I love cooking and it is therapy for me. That is why i am glued to the Tv watching all the food channels. That chocolate cake tastes delicious. 

TING TONG !!The door bell rang and i wake up with a start. I rush to open the door, half asleep, to let the cook in. What if she goes back, leaving me in a fix, about how to cook with a toddler who wants you to hold him in his arms while rolling chappatis. I've developed a liking for the sweet and tangy flavours of the gujrati daal she makes, bit i miss the signature  punjabi daal with the ghee tadka. 

Hubby dear is on a two day tour and i have nothing to do. Its time to try out the new cafe in town, watch the latest release and get a spa. I set out for the nearest mall where i have a booking at the spa, tickets booked for the movie and then i head out to the cafe to kill the hunger pangs. Who cares if some of my friends call me crazy, the fun of doing all that all alone is addictive. Marriage comes with responsibilities but not at the cost of my ' Me ' time of course.

THUD THUD !!! The little one is banging the door. I have been sitting on the toilet seat for more than two minutes.He wants me to let him in or come out of the bathroom and dress him up.It's a baby's day out with mom while papa is away. I am looking forward to the fun of seeing him running around in the park, licking his favourite ice cream and reading books with him at the bookstore. But i wish i had the time to watch ' Pink '. It is a must watch for parents but then my little one does not like being seated at one place for more than 2 minutes and is certainly not interested in the movie. 

     Life was beautiful and it still is! Only that nothing is the same like ever before and that is what  is it all about.. 



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