The Summers are back
|   May 10, 2017
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The Summers are back

The summers are back yet again! I hate this weather as much as I love the winters. The time when restrictions were imposed on children, the free spirited souls since there are so many things that come with the scorching heat; rashes, heat strokes, stomach problems etc. While it is the best time of the year because of the two month long summer vacations, we were always allowed limited outdoor play and certain foods were banned completely.

While I write this, it definitely brought back a few beautiful memories. We would wake up early in the morning, sometimes for a long walk or cycle up to a friend’s place. We played together, had breakfast and came back home before it started getting hot. The noon was spent watching TV, reading books and playing indoor games. Each year we picked up a new hobby and would devote some time to it regularly. The afternoon nap was mandatory followed by the most awaited time of the day, the playtime. We played cricket, badminton, hopscotch and many more games.

The Sunday picnic was another thing that we planned for eagerly and those memories remain afresh in my mind till date. Packing food, spoons and plates, making lemonade, washing the car and driving to the nearby streams for a dip and some water games, we had a ball each time.

The summer vacations were also spent helping the elders with the household. Every year we would take up a certain chore and would charge for it on a daily basis. The small amount kept the motivation high, taught us a lot and relieved the elders of their workload for some time. I had one such beautiful day yesterday when the maid took an off and my little one helped me do the dishes and mop the floor.

Summers are the time when we get fresh mangoes and litchis. How much we loved plucking them straight from the tree and relishing the juicy fruits! It was so much fun climbing trees and running around the orchard. I’m waiting for my little one to do the same this time, now that he has grown up a bit.

As parents, it is our turn now to make the summers a good time for our little ones. While we must let them have all the fun, here a few things we must always keep in mind.

  •  Make sure that the children remain indoors during the peak heat hours. Chances of heatstroke are high from 12- 4 pm.
  •  Keep them hydrated all the time. They must have lots of fresh fruits and juices. Make sure they are fresh and not the packaged ones.
  • Do not allow street food during summers. There are high chances of food going bad due to the heat and therefore food poisoning, diarrhea etc. Try different recipes for them and a good idea is to engage them with you.
  •  Once the child is back from play, make sure that he washes his hands thoroughly with a good soap. The Dettol hand wash is my trusted one for everyone in the house.
  • If the child goes to the swimming pool, a riverside or beach or takes a shower in the rain, make sure that he takes a bath with clean water after that. Since there are many people taking a dip in the same water I make sure to add the Dettol antiseptic liquid for bath and use the Dettol bath liquid.

Keep these in mind, allow them to have fun and also make sure to be a part of it. Vacations are the best time for parent child bonding. Happy summers! 

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