Those eyes that looked at us..
|   Nov 03, 2016
Those eyes that looked at us..

The biggest kids exhibition of the city had opened its doors for all mommies and kids and I was superexcited. The day had been marked in my calender for about a month and i was looking forward to some great time with my little one. We found company in our neighbour, his playmate, and happily we set out to have a blast. The first mother son outing alone.

  We had a ball. Shopped for goodies for ourselves, played games and ate to our heart's content. The two little friends have a small appetite, but both wanted to taste everything they could set their eyes upon.Sanya, my son's playmate wanted everything for herself and her mother who has been instructed by her father to never say no to their princess, gave in.  Cups of ice creams, candies and pizzas were ordered. A few small bites and then we had the children fussing over the food. 

The fun  continued as we headed to a nearby park to have some fun on the swings with the kids. The kids seemed to be having a great time and we, the doting mothers, looked on with happiness. It was snack time now and out came their goody boxes with various delicacies. They settled happily for their meal break before getting back to play.

While all this happened, i noticed a little boy standing near a tree. Hiding behind the thick bushes, he was looking at us. I looked into his eyes...those eyes full of desire and longing. They were pleading for a mouthful of food without which he probably has to live for days. The helplessness on his face shook me to the core. 

There was this child who does not know if he would get the next meal for the day and on the other hand were our children. They probably would never know the value of the food, because everything was so easily available for them. I asked the little boy to join us and offered him food. The happiness and contentment on his face made my day. Since that day, i have tried to buy a meal for a child who is lesser priveliged everytime we go out. 

We have been taught these lessons since childhood, yet we tend to forget them.A few lessons that i would like to teach my son: 

  • The value of food: It is precious. There are billions who sleep hungry everyday.You are lucky that your parents can buy you what you want, but lets not forget the value of it. 
  • Be thankful to God: You may wish to have pasta for dinner but mom made daal chawal. Everyone is not that lucky to get a meal of their choice. Some people even survive on what you threw in the bin because you didn' t like it. 
  • The joy of giving: Live life and fulfill your dreams, but at the same time, do something for the needy. The joy of spreading smiles is the most heartening.
  • With this i remember the school prayer we were taught in nursery : 

             Thank you God for the world so sweet,

             Thank you God for the food we eat, 

             Thank you God for the birds that sing, 

             Thank you God for everything !

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