Those two years of being a Mother..
|   Feb 01, 2017
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Those two years of being a Mother..

My little one turned two just last month. His birthday brought back fond memories of the time when we were blessed and the two years of parenthood that followed. What a roller coaster ride it has been, I am sure every parent would know. There have been happy moments and cuddly times and the joy of just holding him in my arms. Then there were eureka moments when the little boy slowly grew up to start walking, talking and at times, behaving like us adults. Who would forget though, the times that I spent, keeping awake during the nights, because he would be hungry for his feed or the times that he had peed in his clothes and wanted a change.

Being a mother is a challenge. You bring a being into this world and give him all the love that you can. The world revolves around the baby and you do not realize when that little being becomes the most precious thing of your life. This little being, who needs you for every single thing and for whom you are the world. However, it does not remain the same all through. The little one grows up slowly and then comes the most challenging part for the mother. There is the happiness of seeing his world grow and the pain of sharing the love of your life.

The time also came when two integral parts of my early motherhood journey came to a gradual end. The little boy was growing up and mother’s milk was no more a necessity for him. He had to be put on solids; he had been exclusively breast fed and to make things worse for me, had a habit of comfort nursing. Those nights were torturous when he would cry inconsolably demanding a feed and saying that he could not sleep. The emotional turmoil that I went through gives me jitters, I had to be stone hearted! My mother stood like a pillar of support who consoled him every time he would cry in the middle of the night. All I could do was look at him and tell him that all would be ok and he since he was a grown up boy now he should not be breastfeeding. 

     A good thing happened too. My diapering journey finally came to a happy end. My little boy started talking when he was 18 months. People were amazed at how quickly and how much he talked. He was the center of attention everywhere he went. But he was still not telling us that he wanted to pee or poop. When a child looks smart to us, we suddenly start expecting him to behave like adults. 

Sometimes people even quizzed us on why he was not potty trained as yet. But we never really pressurised him. He took his time and has starting telling us when he wants to attend to the nature’s call. With time, the mishaps have almost become close to none. But since he is still very young, We make sure we make him wear the Pampers Premium Pants diaper as it’s easy to slip on to him and its unique wetness indicator helps us immensely to know when the diaper is full and needs a change. Pampers pant style diapers are extremely hassle-free keeping the baby dry and happy which makes his dad and me even more happier!

In between all the hard work it takes to be a mother, I have received unconditional support from my husband and I sailed through the messy times with ease. There were instances when I did not know what to do. Together we managed things very well. The sleepless nights could have gotten worse had I needed to continuously worry about checking the pees and the poops. It was Pampers baby diapers that helped me through those times. Soft on the skin, easy to put on and light on the pocket, Pampers pant style diapers have been my choice throughout my diapering journey. I did not have to worry about any diaper rashes that are usually feared with the use of diapers. The skin was kept moisturised and I could sleep peacefully at least for some time. It was so much of help for a new and inexperienced mother like me. Life was so much easier than the times when we were children.

  Motherhood is a bliss and every new day it becomes even more beautiful. There will be new things to worry about, new challenges and many more things to learn. I grew as a person and every day I can’t thank God enough for giving a new meaning to my life altogether.

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