What it takes to be the Glam-ma!
|   Dec 30, 2016
What it takes to be the Glam-ma!

Kareena kapoor delivered a baby boy merely a 10 days back. While the nation was infuriated over the choice of name by the royal couple, i could not stop looking at the pictures of the new mum. Lets go back a little more in time  to the past few months, and i see pictures of Mira Rajput just out of the hospital accompanied by the family. 

  I am really intrigued by the way these ladies walked out of the hospital, looking fresh and glowing as if they were just out after a day at the spa. Impeccebaly dressed up and wearing make up, they walked out smiling like the baby was delivered via mail. It brings back memories of the time of my delivery, a normal one, after which every inch of my body felt worn out. To add to the woes, was the episiotomy that i had undergone.

  A cotton dress, nowhere near being stylish, that i wore when i  walked out to go home, dragging my feet while one person helped me seat myself in car. My head covered with a scarf, thick woollen socks and multiple layers of warm clothing to keep the winter chill away , i looked like a sack full of potatoes( in the words of my brother ).The unforgettable awkward position that i sat in for almost a month, because the stitches needed time to heal and the pain was eased only when i sat in a certain angle.  Just when i was coming out of the memories of those days, i saw pictures of Kareena partying with her friends. Another shock and too much to believe! Its not even 10 days! Whatever happened to the 40 days of confinement that i was subjected to,in her case ? The special food that my weak teeth did not have to chew, that hot bath to heal my stitches soon and being inside a room all time. 

My baby's naamkaran party was superb, so said everyone. I have only seen the pictures because it was on New year's eve and it was  too cold for both of us for to attend. My birthday was 20 days after i delivered. My sisters got such a beautiful fruit cake, i couldn't take my eyes off it! The taste i cannot tell because it was the forbidden food. I spent the day in my bedroom in the dark because there was no sun outside, it was raining and there was a power failure. People who called, were politely told that i could not talk and they happily oblidged. Messages on facebook were not acknowledged for almost a month. My mother looked like a monster to me with all the strict rules and regulations. I cribbed and i cried, bit gave in every time a new rule was imposed. 

Here i see the 10 days old mom, celebrating christmas and new year like any other year.The baby seems to be safe and warm with the nannies back home and the glam-ma is making waves for her oh-so -sexy looks and high spirits. How much fun i missed out on those days, i cannot say. What i know is that the trembling legs are now strong enough to run after the little one, the hand that i thought would remain numb throughout my life is dishing out cakes and cookies for him and the fatso is now getting the yummy mummy title from the father every now and then !😊

Kareena's pic courtesy : instagram 

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