When daddy and baby bond, mommy smiles !
|   Dec 19, 2016
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When daddy and baby bond, mommy smiles !

Another fortnight to go and my little one turns two! How truly they say that time flies! The little boy whom I held anxiously in my arms, for the first time, has now grown into a smart little toddler. One who talks too much now, who has a box full of queries, who wants to do everything on his own and says that he is now a big boy. My happiness knows no bounds when I see him trying to do things all by himself. The failed attempts at times, the proud face with a beaming smile on a successful one, these are memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

My husband has always insisted on making him an independent boy, which means allowing him to explore things on his own. He loves being with his father who lets him experiment with everything under the sun. Holidays and Sunday mornings are spent washing the car, repairing small stuff at home or maybe doing the dishes in the kitchen. He gets equal chance of participation in everything. The little boy also loves doing these jobs with his father and tries to do everything exactly like he does. We suddenly see him walking like his father, reading the newspaper sitting in bed or trying to dress up like him.

  We are back home to attend my brother’s wedding and are both having a good time. He made sure to choose clothes like his father and poses happily in them. He dances to the music and I love to see that he loves music like I do. Thanks to Pampers premium care diapers, he is totally at ease and does all the moves smoothly. He also starts singing the songs that he hears immediately and all the relatives are amazed how quickly he picks up things and how much he talks. Papa, who has taken charge of the diapering part, buys only Pampers Premium Care Pants that has a wetness indicator. It turns blue when the baby needs a change. They are very soft on the baby’s skin and I do not have to worry about diaper rashes if my baby wears it for long hours and also keeps his skin moisturized. He knows that his father keeps checking for that and so he had learnt that over time. Everyone was amazed at how observant he was and how much he knew for his age.

While we were dressing up for a function, I thought of dressing him up first and then dressing up myself. While papa and baby are dressed up, I can take my own time dressing up. Suddenly we saw him sitting with his diaper half worn and he was struggling to pull it up. The sight was hilarious. The diapers so easily slide up the baby’s legs that he could also do quite a bit of it himself. The day does not seem far when I may not have to worry about dressing him up at all! The little hero is basking in the attention that he is getting from everyone and does act a little pricey at times.

I am glad that I heard my husband and let him have his way when it comes to handling him when it is his turn. We make sure that we do not interfere with how we let him do things. The mother instinct in me at times makes me  want to help with things as soon as I see him failing at something but then I remember his father’s words. His trick has definitely worked and I feel happy when people say what a smart and confident boy I have. The time he has spent with his father has made him smarter, sharper and a keen learner. Studies have also shown that children who get to spend time with both his parents develop better cognitive skills.

Meanwhile, I am happy to have a doting father to my son who has been letting me have a good time with my family, and looking after the naughty boy amongst all the festivities. It is really exhilarating to capture daddy baby moments together.

All those Diapering Mums, there’s a good News!

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