Cold and cough – is it just the weather or the polluted air?
|   Nov 28, 2016
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Cold and cough – is it just the weather or the polluted air?

A mother feels proud when her baby inherits any of her qualities, features or habits. But it’s a nuisance if it also inherits some of the “not so good” aspects of the mother.

When my baby was born, I was so happy that she had inherited the color of my eyes, the texture of my golden brown hair and the same face structure. It felt like a stamp that she is a part of me. But when she started growing, I also realized that she had also inherited some of my features which have been a reason of irritation for me all my life. Some of those features were – stubbornness, extremely dry skin and most important - tendency to get infected with cold and cough with a slight change in weather.

I had to re - accept this fact recently when my daughter had a severe viral infection at the start of the winter. And moreover, this time the infection was so adamant that it stayed for a week, in which time, it had taken out a major part of patience from me.

Winters – which were earlier synonymous with pleasant weather, fresh harvest, nutritious vegetables have now become a reason of concern for mothers with sudden changes in the environment, increase in the viruses and bacteria, dust, pollution and what not. Moreover, I came across a WHO report which says that 92% of the world breathes bad air. Other reports say 13 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India.

I realized the severity of this when we spent one sleepless night because my daughter had an extremely stuffy nose. However hard we tried to put her to sleep, within half an hour, she used to get up and start crying because she wouldn’t be able to breathe. To add to it, she also suffered from fever. We somehow managed that night and took her to the hospital the next day.

The doctor prescribed medicines as usual and briefed us about some facts which were unknown to us till then. I was really shocked when she told that air inside our homes can be more polluted than outside air. Poor ventilation, kitchen smoke, cleaning and aerosol products, VOCs, pet hair etc. all contribute in making indoor air extremely unhealthy. So along with the medicines, we also had to take care of purifying of the air inside our houses. This was serious.

Till that moment, I had never thought about air pollution inside our homes. But the incident opened my eyes. And what with the ever increasing pollution, dirt, garbage, bad drainage system and always stinking cities, there was nothing unbelievable in what doctor said.

I started my research immediately because I wanted to keep my house air pure and clean as possible. I discussed the option of air purifier with my husband and came to know about Eureka Forbes’s Dr. Aeroguard. Its premium range of air purifier which is a result of years of focused research.

I was initially not very sure of its effects – whether it will really work as this was the first time I was buying an air purifier. But I anyways decided to give it a try. I put it in my bedroom because the healthiest air should be in your bedroom. The medicines had already started. So I observed the progress of my daughter over the next 4-5 days and believe me – just like a magic, my daughter’s infection was completely cured. There were no more sleepless nights and stuffy noses. It was definitely the combined effect of the medicines and the pure air. But I must admit, the time taken to recover was much lesser, as compared to the time it would have taken for her to recover if it was only medicines.

One more advantage of an air purifier is that it also helped my father-in-law who is an asthma patient. With the fresh and pure air, he also started feeling light and fresh.

I hope that my daughter somehow overcomes this tendency to catch cold easily, but I would recommend that a little pure air is always helpful.

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