Special nutrition need. Are we getting it from routine vegetables and food ??
|   May 10, 2016
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Special nutrition need. Are we getting it from routine vegetables and food ??

Recently I visited my native town for a week. It was the wedding anniversary of my parents and our entire family had planned a grand get together. The time with the family is always fun and because it's summer time, we all felt like children were enjoying their vacation. “Eating”, “Sleeping” were the only 2 things we were doing all the time. But while eating delicious homemade food, I realized one very important thing. The simple curries, salads, pickles made at home tasted so yummy and wonderful. Just the smell of those fresh vegetables simmering and bubbling on the gravy increased my appetite and “Mere muh me paani aa gaya”, something which rarely happened living in the city. My two year old daughter, who is such a fussy eater surprised me when she would eat lots more than what she usually ate.


I thought, whenever I cook at my home in Pune, I use the same amount of vegetables. Wash, cut and cook them the same way. The spices, the preparation everything is the same, but yet the taste is so drastically different. Sometimes it's almost tasteless while at times it emits such a bad smell while cooking that I want to throw up. Earlier, I had also observed that my kids put on good weight whenever we stay at my home town.


This, I realized is because the city food that we eat today is alarmingly low on nutrition. Most of the vegetables in the cities are grown with a large amount of pesticides. Before reaching our homes, they are kept in cold storage for god knows how many days. Already mothers today don’t have time to go for vegetable shopping every day. As a result, all of us end up stale vegetables ordered from big basket or the vegetable vendor from an air conditioned mall. Anyone thinking about the quality?? Forget it!!!

I was really upset with this entire scenario. For my two year old daughter, I wanted to have a great nutritional foundation because the growth in young children is so rapid that they need special care and nutrition. One absolutely cannot afford to miss out on the right nutrition in the child's foundation years. These are the years when the complete bone and muscle mass is developed in children and the right supply of nutrients helps in complete growth. But how would I ever fill up the nutrition requirement for my daughter with the deteriorating food quality.

I checked with the pediatrician and she told me that this is the problem with almost all the moms residing in the cities. So we have to be really careful and take care of the entire diet of our children so that the nutritional needs of the children are fulfilled. She suggested that try out Junior Horlicks stage 1 which contains a lot of natural ingredients which are great in nutrition. It also contains nutrient like DHA, iron, iodine which are known to help in brain development as well. A glass full of milk with Junior Horlicks every day can help a lot in fulfilling the nutritional needs of the young children. Along with it, it's also important that we give our children different nutritious foods like ragi, barley, different pulses and lentils instead of depending completely on vegetables.


I have now started my daughter on a glass of  Junior Horlicks  everyday in the morning. Surprisingly while she never used to like drinking milk now with the unique taste...she enjoys it a lot. I also started her with raagi satva, a soup of mixed dals and lentils twice a week. I hope with this, she gets a enough  nutrition for her complete growth. So, even when I make sure that I get as much as fresh vegetables as possible, I also don’t avoid the dals and glass of milk with Junior Horlicks.

I am much relieved now and I can now hope for a great growth for my child.

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