'Baahubali-The Conclusion' & its effect on my family !!
|   May 25, 2017
'Baahubali-The Conclusion' & its effect on my family !!

Baahubali - the conclusion was one of those movies I was waiting to watch in the theaters. And I was so determined about this that if I could not watch it at the theaters than I won't watch it at all. It is quite a big thing for us now to go to the theaters as we are now a family of 4 with the little one being as small as 18 months. Yet we both decided to take the risk and challenge ourselves and hit the theater. We booked the 10.50 pm show considering the fact that her bed time is past 10pm and by 11pm she would be fast asleep. But contrary to our calculation, the complete opposite happened. She was wide awake the entire time. Instead of being the sleeping baby , she chose to be the active playful baby. She was busy moving from one seat to the other. Luckily, next to us were siting a friendly couple and they were more than happy to make her sit on her lap and the baby was happy too. But this did not last long. Now, she wanted to move to the next row which we dint allow and followed the inevitable. She cried but than that was only for a couple of minutes. And after that, she started gulping her milk. Phew! We were relieved thinking she would soon fall asleep but again she disappointed us. But as expected, she did not disturb us after that. Was busy playing nearby her father and me. Coming to the movie, I was completely awestruck just like a teenager would be. I just din't hear what the husband was saying me many a times, for I was so engrossed in watching the movie. And just like me, my 5 year old was equally bowled over. She just loved the boat that turned into bird. Kids and fantasies are so correlated. But to my surprise, I too loved the same.

And now the after affects of watching Baahubali- the conclusion. My 5 year old is quite impressed by the massive strength and energy that Baahubali had mastered and displayed. She is also bowled by Devasena's warrior skills and her courage. She wants to be as strong and energetic and courageous as them. And me being the mother, made the most of it. Convinced her that to be like them one has to eat little more than one thinks one could. And from that day till date, am applying the same formula with little twists here and there whenever it's their tummy time. Glad, it's working too. Meaning the Baahubali fever is still on.

And the song that is being often played at my home nowadays is 'Saahore Baahubali'. My 5 year old loves it to the core. So much so that she has even danced to it quite a number of times (at home though) and I have happily recorded and has sent the video to her grand-parents. Not a single step I taught her. She picked up all on her own and did it good too. And now, even I have become an admirer of that song. I feel it adds a certain amount of extra strength to my energy and helps the adrenaline rush a little more. And when I need that extra push, I play this track.

The husband who is not that expressive at all watches everything silently without much comments and compliments but with a subtle hint of liking. And I will be forever thankful to the director S.S. Rajamouli for bringing out such a masterpiece which influenced my little one so much in a positive manner. Needless to say, we are a Baahubali struck family !! And one of the best decision of the many I made in the recent times was to watch this movie at theaters as the family of four, which also happened to be our very first. The risk involved of taking the 18 months old to theater was so worth it. True goes the saying, 'No risk - No gain' !!

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