Of marriage and financial independence!
|   Feb 19, 2017
Of marriage and financial independence!

Marriage is one of the most sacred and one of the most delicate institution. It requires equal amount of energy, effort and dedication from both the partners for its smooth functioning. However, with changing times and with changing attitudes of people there has come enormous changes. Some of which are positive and good and some are not. At the present times, most girls are treated as equals to boys in their respective families and hence they are well qualified. And in the due course, well employed too. But the alarming situation comes to the forefront when we see a boy marrying a girl for her job- to put it more blatantly for her money. I have seen quite a good number of loving married couples where both partners are equal responsibility bearers and are good earners. But inside this beautiful and loving story, there's a painful and bitter truth. I have heard of plights and more specifically of girls. They told me the moment they stopped earning due to some unavoidable circumstances, her respect in the family, the love for her from all the members would go down. Compelling her to think if it was her income that her husband and family actually loved and not she. Yet in other heart touching case, a friend of mine complained me of the same saying - if she plans to quit her job in order to spend some quality time with her baby, her inlaws start taunting her and starts abusing her verbally and torturing mentally. And to all these her husband was just the silent spectator. And again another of my girl friend told me, when her income was regular and good she would have a say in the day to day and regular decision in the house , which she is denied of otherwise. There is a voice, a silent yet very resilient voice pushing and forcing most of us very hard to go against our wishes, to not follow and hear what the heart wants. This is a very common scenario with girls in almost all the households.

What I feel is, while it's very necessary to earn and be financially independent for both man and the woman - it's equally essential for the man to love and respect his partner for the person she is rather than what she brings home. A strange observation in this case is - a woman/girl never lets her love or her relationship be a prey to monetary factor. Her love and respect for her man remains intact throughout.

This makes me think aloud~

* Are we entitled to be respected only when we earn?!

* Are we not worthy of love and respect without our financial independence?!

* Is money everything in a relationship?!

* Are we not valuable enough as a woman sans income?!

Time we think about this. Time we learn to respect a girl for what she is as a person and how she is as s person and not based on what she earns. Time we keep intact the pious values of marriage, irrespective of the fact whether both are equal earners or not. Time we change our views. Time we respect each other as individuals. Time we let LOVE WIN OVER MONEY !

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