Time heals nothing!
|   Mar 02, 2017
Time heals nothing!

And as I was sitting in the car, with both my girls asleep, I saw 2 people coming from the distant. I couldn't figure out about their age nor their gender as they were too far away. However, as they neared I could gradually figure them out. A girl (married) and her mother ! What a bliss was that sight to me. I looked and looked yet could not quench the thirst of my eyes. And I kept looking at them till they were out of my sight. As for me, it has been real long that I myself enjoyed such a walk with my mother. The fact is, I will never be able to walk with her again. The fact is, I will be ever be able to talk to her again. The fact is, I will be never able to hold her, to hug her or to feel her physically anymore. This mere feeling is so haunting, so tormenting. It rips apart my soul. The thought of her not having with us around breaks my heart a million times. My heart aches. And I feel the pain. The pain that is incurable. What a grand blessing it is to have both the set of parents alive. Something people often take for granted and never realize their importance when they are there. Life is beautiful. It is !! Ask this to someone, who's in deathbed, who is struggling with health issues, you will come to know the real meaning and value of life. Things actually which we take for granted are the most precious ones to be precise. I have seen death from too close to ignore its existence and painful meaning. I saw my mother succumbing to her illness 4 years back. Since than so many things- good and beautiful things have happened to me. Yet that vacuum created by her absence is still the same. No amount of love or care from anyone has been able to fill that place. She's irreplaceable. She is !! When I see girls of my age with their mother, I always end up thinking 'why'. Why my mother. Why has she to leave me/us so early. Why was her life cut so short. Why to many such unanswerable questions..

People say time heals. I too used to believe in this until I faced what I had to, the inevitable. No, time doesn't heal anything. It never does. We only learn with time to live with the pain. We never get over the loss of our loved one. We grieve forever. But we learn to live with the pain. And life goes on..

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