What changes in marriage after kids?!
|   Mar 06, 2017
What changes in marriage after kids?!

A happy and healthy marriage is the start of many things beautiful and magical. A couple with a healthy marital status is able to set better examples for their kids. One of the biggest blessing that comes to a couple after marriage is their kids. However, with kids comes additional responsibilities, challenges and duties. Time becomes as short as it could become. It all becomes a crucial game of time management. Investing more time on kids becomes the utmost priority. And to put in plain words, this simply means little time left for your partner and in turn for your marriage. And there needs to be a very delicate balance between the two ~ balancing time with kids and spouse. To maintain a healthy and strong marriage the step that plays a very crucial role is that as a partner you will have to put in your time and your efforts along with love. Although it looks quite easy to do, it is not so especially at the beginning. A small change in attitude towards your partner and relationship plays a vital part. Than comes another important thing called commitment. Focused commitment helps to stay connected and loyal to each other. And this in turn helps you both to sail strong and happily.

Spending time together is another key to a healthy marriage. And this time could be anything from talking on topics that interest you both to laughing together over silly matters. It does not have to be that luxurious and lavish outing always. Such precious moments can be created by making most of the time spent together. From watching a movie together at home to listening to your favorite songs - all these plays an important role in keeping alive that love for each other. Connecting with each other is always the best way to refresh your relationship. And this in turn allows you to be a better human being and more loving a parent.

However, there is a lot of tension, stress and at times guilt involved with parenting. And if these aren’t dealt properly at the right time, it can lead to a potential fight with each other. And this would ultimately hinder the marriage. But as it is, there will always be conflicts and disagreements between two individuals in any relationship irrespective of all the love and respect they have for each other. The key here is to choose the issues that are worth fighting for and let go the ones that aren't the worth. It is necessary to ignore the things that are negative and aren't important or worthy enough clinging to. Concentrating on the positive and the good things will reduce the amount negative energy between the two. Last but not the least, if your marriage is a strong one, your family life will be a happy one. And at the same time, you can come up with some of the best things for your kids too.

Love, a small four lettered word yet as deep as the ocean and as vast as the sea has to be mixed with the right amount of respect, care, forgiveness, thoughts, efforts and time especially after having kids, to make the marriage a healthy and beautiful one.

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