अद्भुत महिला - Adbhut Mahila
|   Jun 05, 2017
अद्भुत महिला - Adbhut Mahila

Did you know that women need to wear skimpy body hugging, 80% boob revealing dresses, a head band, a cape and need to pick, stop, lift something really mammoth to be tagged a super (Wonder) woman.

The stuff that we lesser mortals do daily ??!!– juggling between a 1000 roles every now and then and yet making no one happy at the end of a long tiring day – that too earns us a good title. It’s called “Ghar ki Murgi” – the other name of Gharelu Wonder Women.

The weaker sexes (Males), they raise a finger and the whole world goes gaga how efficient they are with everything; Oh oh oh just how lucky we are that they can raise so much as a finger; sometimes I wonder that it’s probably a miracle that they take the pain to s**t and bathe by themselves at least. Kya pata kal ko sasu ma bolengi – you don’t even do this much for my poor son. Look how thin he has become (@ 95 kilos). (I know there is no correlation between the two – but that’s exactly how saasu maa’s think na!! bhawnao ko samjho).

They change a diaper - earn the DAD of the millennium award – and when they perfect the art of cribbing, complaining and practically driving everyone crazy every now and then? – they are being perfectionists at the cost of everyone’s sanity. And at the end of the day not a word of thanks, not a gesture of compassion, no two kind words – all we get is “you could have done it better”.

The food is not well done, the clothes not properly folded and 100 other tits bits driving them crazy. These are serious issues as per WORLD MEN’S WTF ORG. After all its only them working hard, bringing in the money, paying the bills. They are the HEs, the biggest babies still looking for a mother and babysitter in their wives. Love interests are mainly someone else’s wives.

Did you know that they too come with two pairs of hands and legs and can do just about anything that we can - and yet – they do nothing of that sort for it’s a bit too petty for their high caliber brains!! And more importantly their mammas wouldn’t approve of it either.

They work hard to put food on our table – and we sit idle and twiddle our thumbs all day and that’s how we run the show. Some of us work too – but hey that’s only for fun, remember. We feel funny in paying our own bills so that it can add to the family’s savings; so that we can have a better standard of living. And our employers are overly sympathetic to our situation – they pay us for doing nothing. Oh what a wonderful world……

The idiots would spend money and burn fuel, and queue up to watch a movie on a big screen - to see what we do every day. If it is about wearing something sexy – there are online stores baba and we can order corsets and what not – but to take all that trouble for an age-old husband who thinks he looks like Henry Cavill but in reality looks like his very Own Self? My god rehne do. Hum to khud se hi khush ho jayenge. ;-)  

I hope this once again proves what we have already known for ages – THAT ALL MEN ARE IDIOTS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER – I WONDER when they themselves will realize it though?




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