|   May 13, 2016

Isn't this true for all of us irrespective of whether we ourselves are moms now, we do want to touch base with our mothers every now and then for so many things #EverydayIsMothersDay

Motherhood brings out those qualities and realisation in you that you never knew even existed. Some of those that come to my mind reminding me of my mom are worth a share:) 

Brave: Being  mother myself today I realise how tasking it would have been for my own mother raising three school going kids, single-handedly. I feel lucky to have my husband as a support system and the shoulder to fall back on when motherhood exhausts me {a 24x7x365 kind of mom is not an easy game, mind you :)} but my mum was all alone managing her work and studies of three kids as well as her house, all at the same time.

Strong: I feel sad for her, more so now when I realise motherhood is a blessing but can be very tasking too especially when you are a single parent. I feel immense gratitude towards my mother who is not only strong but brave enough to have taken on the responsibility of her three kids at an age when girls normally get hitched in today's time. 

Caring: Motherhood certainly changes your perspective towards things which were issues once. I remember feeling very odd at my motherinlaw calling or demanding my husband to call her whenever he used to travel post marriage. Now she doesn't do this anymore having given the reins of information-seeking in my hands, I being her son's wife. But it is now that I understand her urge to seek information on the safety of her child even if he is a grown man. A mom once is a mom always (even if not for other's children) for her children. She would always like to know and assure her heart that her child is safe and sound even when the child is busy enough to update her.

Reminder System: All mothers have this innate habit of asking about your whereabouts and whether you ate enough irrespective of who you are professionally, if you are an accomplished sportsman, actor, businessman, entrepreneur or a MasterChef it doesn't matter to them. What matters is, have you eaten enough :) that's a mom! Whenever, I succeeded in an assignment or got a promotion and I gave my mom an updation call, her first question would always be whether I ate my food followed by the GPS activated mode on my whereaboutshaha!! During schooldays, she would wake me for revision time during exams and also make sure I have my breakfast beforehand even when she was time crashed due to her own demanding job.

Irreplaceable: I always gave importance to my mom even when I wasn't married but my marriage came across as an eye-opening phenomenon that my mom is irreplaceable above anything and everything else. Nobody in this world could feel about me the way she feels and nobody even my own children can love me the way she does. I saw my motherinlaw showering her love and affections on her children not that she was ever rude to me but her affections for me were very limited because I'm someone else's daughter and hers only by-law. She is the one who made me realise that my own mother is and will always be irreplaceable :)

Always taken for granted: We all take our mothers for granted and the same comes to us when we become mothers :) I remember of having snapped at my mom plenty of times and never have bothered to say sorry even if I felt so. She never held the grudge against me whereas as a person she is not a forgiving one if someone rubs her the wrong way but with her children she is a softy and has always been that way. This is another characterstic that only your mom has and the control that you have over her that makes you take her for granted always.

A little appreciation should be given in all relations that are due for it but I believe we should never cease the opportunity to thank our parents enough to have brought us in this world, to have gone through our nasty moods, our anxieties and to have stood by us at all times. So, mom I really am proud of the way you brought us up and gave up your happiness to raise us at all hours. You are an epitome of beauty, courage and love!!

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