The Monkey Parent
|   Jun 11, 2015
The Monkey Parent

While the internet is buzzing with the kind of parents that any child could have, be it a 'Dolphin' parent or a 'Tiger' parent depending on their attitude towards the discipline in their child's life, I keep wondering why no one speaks about the parent/s who unintentionally teach their kids through their own character, right from their toddlerhood how to copy others and follow the suit in every possible way, especially those who they envy.. Yes, here is a new category parent that we all have around us, maybe in our neighbourhood or at our workplace or among our relatives... A Monkey Parent?

So here is the deal, if you feel this may offend you or blogging aka sharing-your-thoughts-via-writing is a waste of time (I can write so I write!) this is your chance to stop here before being tempted to read my work further.

So, a Monkey parent is someone who would keep following others out of envy or because they have to prove to the people around them that they are no less and they have a multi-talented offspring even if they have to force everything on their child so to make the child appear as 'talented'.

These parents have a certain quality which is that they would follow the steps of only those whom they don't like. Later, when their child fails to progress on their directed path they would openly criticise the path or the people for being 'very strict' in general whose kids are doing pretty wonderful ☺☺☺

I don't have anything against such parents.. I rather take it as a compliment when people follow my style, preferences and ways of raising my two brats but what keeps bothering me is what kind of an individual are they ultimately raising their child into.

For every thing you can't keep reminding your child that he/she would be compared to the other child especially from the same family or group of friends. We don't realise but we sow the seeds of envy in the innocent hearts ourselves because somewhere in our mind we acknowledge that the parent we are copying is doing way better with his/her kid than us.There are parents coaxing their children to take extra-curricular classes not based upon the kid's interest but based on the fact that a particular kid that one of the parent is envious of or think is better off than their own bundle of joy...Why?? Every kid has a different interest and every parent thereby should have a different style of raising their kid.

Oh dear! What a pity, such copy-others-because-we-have-to-prove-our worth people should actually take a hike.. what's really wrong with your so-called-sharp mind. Why don't people get a simple thing that its never a small kid that is criticized, its only the behaviour.I have witnessed a mother telling her daughter to behave but not in the manner that the little girl realises her mistake rather in a way that seems as if she was doing very good on her behaviour but in front of people who would later-on go and talk ill about her and her mother just because they all resent them.

Please realise a fact; once you raise your children..the world has to live with them so atleast raise them to be bearable! Agreed, you do not have a style of your own to follow but atleast put some good feelings into your children.

Come on, lets follow Originality and Interest, its good to see something and letting your child try it but just following the suit won't take you anywhere and the child too gets confused as to what needs to be done; should the child follow his/her own interest or just go by what his/her parents ask him to do as to prove to the society that they-have-arrived!

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