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|   Nov 21, 2016
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Kids are getting smarter by the day. A child is expected to perform well academically, do well in sports and follow their passion at the same time.

 Avyaan, at the age of four goes for tuitions, plays football along with dance and drawing classes. At some point it was his interest but we must make sure that it remains his interest and doesn’t become his burden. Neeta, his mother on the other hand also works very hard. She ensures that he listens to his teachers, he is always present in all his classes and is involved in all his activities.

 However, Neeta's biggest priority is to provide adequate nutrition for Avyaan for all his growing needs. From an early age, she was very sure that she will give him home cooked food since packaged food are mixed with chemicals and hard to digest for kids. In the process, Neeta gave various varieties and interesting food items to Avyaan, cooked at home. This is an idyllic situation where the needs are taken care of. Neeta prepares the food and Avyaan eats his food. But, it is not always the case.He sometimes finishes his food and other times do not.

 As Avyaan is growing and his class timings are increasing, Neeta is aware that he needs extra nutrition. Now, Avyaan goes to big school where their class hours are longer and tiffin break time is fixed. Initially, she added more cereals like oats and ragi to his meal plan. He ate it at times but was always driven back to his milk. So, while browsing through supermarket, she comes across Junior Horlicks. As she goes through its ingredients, she realizes that Junior Horlicks is made from natural ingredients like wheat and malted barley. Neeta tried Junior Horlicks with milk and Avyaan loved the taste. So, without having to add any extra meal to give added nutrition, Neeta was able to ascertain that she gives extra power to Avyaan with same amount of milk. This was a great boost for Neeta as she was satisfied that she was giving that little bit extra to her child to make him ready for the future.

P.S. This is my personal story and I have loved the satisfaction I get to be able to give required nutrition to my child.

Image Credit: Being Mumma!

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