Vihaan - The Smartest
|   Oct 22, 2016
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Vihaan - The Smartest

Since early childhood days, Vihaan was prone to fall sick very frequently. It was a routine that he would be falling sick every month. As soon as he fell sick, they rushed him to the doctor since no homeopathy medicine or home remedy would work on him. As dictated by the family, Veena had mostly breastfed him for the first one year and he was always given boiled water to drink. However, his immune system seemed weak because whenever he ate anything from outside, he was sure to suffer from stomach infection or the day he spent more than a few minutes in water, he would catch cough and cold.

The pediatrician also didn’t know any perfect solution for this and he had to be given antibiotics whenever he fell ill. Veena was very stressed out during the days he was sick and add family pressure to it and you have a hyper stressed out mom.

One of her major concerns was that since Vihaan had a weak digestive system, he might not be able to digest any health drink. There is another issue of taste, which is difficult to handle with kids.

However, as he was growing, certain tweaks from the nutritionist, and his health improved a lot. Some of the changes that the doctor suggested to give him a balanced diet and improve his immune systems are:

    1. Include curd in his diet plan. Curd works like an antibiotic against bacteria. Thus, it gives a boost to a child’s immune system over a period of time.
    2. Include lots of fruits including seasonal fruits and vegetables. Plants contain a host of compounds, which aids in improving the immunity system in children.
    3. Give garlic to children. It is a natural fighter of bacteria and virus.
    4. Start giving him a health drink as per his age. As Veena tried Junior Horlicks, his health improved and Vihaan loved the taste. It was easy to digest and he also became active and full of energy.
    5. Basic vitamins for two months to boost his vitamin levels. This is a basic vitamin supplement, which can be given to any child to ensure he/she doesn’t lack any vitamins.

These are certain lifestyle changes, which worked wonders for Vihaan. Along with regular fruits, Veena gave him a little portion of seasonal fruits. Curd was given in different forms like frozen yogurt or kadhi. She started giving him his first health drink, Junior Horlicks 123, which is appropriate for his age, gives him vital nutrients like DHA and supplements his diet whenever he eats less or does not finishes all the food groups which he must be ideally eating.

Since Veena started giving her the required nutrition from an early age, it ensured that Vihaan could develop to the best of his abilities. As 90% of the brain development happens in the first 6 years of child’s life, we need to provide him complete nutrition during this age. By starting early, Vihaan became a real smart child!

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