Grand lessons from grandparents
|   Mar 31, 2016
Grand lessons from grandparents
The institution of grandparents is such an enriching and value creating  one. Grandparents indeed bring grandness and stability to life by simply being there. They bring a whiff of humanness to mechanised existence that we tend to lead in our over scheduled lives.
Grandparents  have an abundant reservoir of patience, time and love. There are certain things which in this fast paced life, parents of kids don't have time , energy , patience and may be conviction to do and teach.   The seem to be trapped in deadlines and deliverables. 
On the other hand, grandparents provide the monolith of family support and  experience of life. There are certain activities that my grandmother solemnly used to carry  out during the day which made me connect with nature and appreciate it during my childhood days. Her each activity enriched my senses and made me curious and seeking for answers. 
My each 'Why ' was answered by her with so much of patience and conviction that I started understanding the science behind rituals and conventions. The following are the benefits that I drew being in the company of my grandparents.
1) Her morning always began with sounding a bell humming some bhajans. The sound seemed so pleasant as against the alarm clock's jarring  sound.It was completely relaxing and seemed like an announcement of goodness that new day held for us.
2) And as the sun would rise, she would offer water to Sun. She would tell me that such an  exposure to rising sun helped eyes, mind and brought awareness about the elements that we all are made of and trained us to live in harmony with nature. It seemed such a solemn and purifying ceremony which I picked from her and carry out every single day. This has helped me calm and connect with nature.
3)I learnt that Grandparents  bring stability and act as rheostats.  Their presence has a calming effect on the rising tempers of others. They bring a sense of discipline and sanity  in thoughts, actions and words. My grandparents' room had a certain peaceful aura. They both seemed to be in  equilibrium with life and it almost always rubbed off on me. Their room became a querencia for me to muster courage, strength and blessings. 
4) I learnt that Slow is indeed fast. I always saw my grandmother leading a slow life.  My grandmother  taught me virtues of slow eating and eating with mindfulness. She taught me the benefits  of being a good listener and value of everyday reflection and meditation to straighten one's thoughts and rationalise one's goals. Her simple statements on life took me through the day.She was the bellwether of my life  . Entering her room, seeing her reading Geeta with profound intent slowed  the excessive fastness in me.
5) Grandmother brought traditional food to pantry. She prepared the food with love, patience and joy. Each item she cooked had a story or an incident attached to it taking me vicariously to the times of my great grandparents. 
6)she taught me that God lies in small things. if we value the small moments,the big will be taken care!!
Grandparents  may be old but their company is worth the gold. 


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