Reasons why I object to the term child free
|   Jan 24, 2016
Reasons why I object to the term child free

The world is truly dynamic and I appreciate that. There is a constant endeavour on the part of linguists to coin more sensitised terms, gender neutral terms and more respectable and inclusive phrases and terms.

It is heartening to know  the constant work that is going on to make language more and more respectful and sensitised but I think we have gone too far in introducing the term Child-Free for couples who  choose not to have children..

I have a number of objections to that... Are children some disease that not having them makes you free?

Secondly, who says having children is imperative, it is a matter of free will anyways whereas the term Child-free  means free from  some obligation which is compulsory..

Child free is derogatory to   Children themselves. It clearly indicates that not having children gives freedom and liberation.  Such a notion is quite insensitive and anti social to my mind.. It is a disregard for the institution of parenting, motherhood and the joy of raising a   child..

I am not trying  to indicate that I am pro children or anti children.. What I totally object to is the polarisation  of people in the world  who have children and those who don't . 

I think we should leave children alone when it comes to categorisation....

One must think about it!!!

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