The F Word!!!!
|   Mar 01, 2016
The F  Word!!!!

You got me right!!! I heard it from my 7 year old, couldn't believe that had come out of her. I kindly asked my Ms Princess to repeat it and she did excitingly. Darn we don't  even swear, where did it come from? For that minute I was lost, just so quiet. Ms Princess realized i was hurt and asked me what the matter was. I explained that the word she utter was a "not a good " word. She didn't even know what it meant, her friends told it was "cool" to say.She is been hearing this word for a long time now.Letting her know what it meant in a way she understands.It means girls and boys hurting each other & its not a acceptable word and anybody can be hurt if they heard it.How do you explain to a 7 yr. old? Like a Princess she apologized and promised it won't happen again, and yes it was 'pinky promise' for extra assurance.

We walked back home and while I pondered for a solution,hopes,i couldn't come up with anything other than explaining her the meaning.Is she exploring new language,testing a word, a response to something frustrating or peer pressure to fit in the group? There are lot of new words coming out off late,although not swearing but words that can be brushed off as acceptable. Here I am trying my best to shelter her innocence but alas the world beyond my reach is not in par with me.The rest of the day was as usual at least for her because she had by now forgotten our conversation.

The next day as usual in the morning during our chitty chats towards the bus stop ,I asked my daughter that the seat she sits is surrounded by older kids (Source of swear words)who are using bad words and she would be forced to hear them. We discussed if it was better for her to rearrange her seating. Gave her a big extra hug and told how proud i was of her that she didn't make a fuss for giving up on her bus seat of 10 months. Of course i thanked her too for being the best girl and little reminder of not using any swear words.

I do not find any offensive words appalling or amusing.The last thing would be my child or any other child swearing at a wrong time embarrassing their parent!

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