Let's Respect a Name
|   Nov 09, 2016
Let's Respect a Name

And so, it's the age of 'tat' and 'wlcm'.

But a NAME, ...It's an identity for God's sake and it shall not be distorted in any which way as convenient to us.. People, please !! A 'Geeta' is NOT the same as a 'Gita' or a Sapna is NOT equal to a 'Swapna'. I've had instances of Nikhil becoming 'Nikil' or even a 'Nickel' :) :).

Well, we've been named and/or named our children with an 'h' ,with an extra 'a' , in a particular way, FOR A REASON , and to spell it in any other way is utterly disrespectful nonchalant and bordering on carelessness in my humble opinion.

It's right there, 'on the same screen' while writing a whatsapp or a facebook message. So can we not be a little more careful and double check before we send, or are we so 'cot up fr tym' :P :P. Please let us not rely on memory or a perceived idea of what the spelling might be.

We choose to send our children to compete at a 'spell bee' , so can't we practice some correct spelling ourselves? For the readers' sake, for ,it's more than just a quick knotting of eyebrows in irritation. I would quickly judge the writer, and so I'm sure, would many of you out there. And NO, I will not buy the popular thinking that 'a proper noun can be 'pronounced/spelt ' in any way you choose !

As for the argument ' a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet'. Well ,only to Juliet , perhaps.


Thanks for reading. I'm open to further comments and discussions , for which do add me to your facebook contacts. I can be reached on Facebook page via my id viz Rashmi Pai-Prabhu.

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