A Day off from my routine life
|   Oct 19, 2016
A Day off from my routine life

Let me introduce myself I am a wife, a Daughter-in-law and a mother of 16 month old. So now you know how much a day off matters to me (because often the things hardly available are valued the most). 

So it starts when I am fed up with my daily life and fed up with longing for my "Me Time" daily. 

I often curse my husband or baby for putting me in this situation (I know it's bad to do so but sometimes I also lose my control, though I apologize later on). 

So one day when I was going to sleep, I announced (to imaginary audience, loud enough to be heard by my dear husband and my little darling), "I am on leave tomorrow. Nobody means NOBODY dare to reach me for any of your task. consider it as a OOH (Out of Home) or SOS (System out of service) tomorrow".

Ah! the mere thought of freedom reduces lot of burden from my heart and I got a sound sleep that night (Out of the blue, Daddy takes charge of baby that night, probably best way to avoid the volcano blast). 

I get up late next morning and instantly do my favorite thing, sitting idle on bed after sleep (how much I longed this lazy half hour post marriage). 

Surprisingly breakfast is ready, baby is bathed and has been fed, kitchen is clean and room is arranged. Baby is watching TV with daddy silently. 

Oh, What a sigh of relief! Why I never dare to do that before, anyways it's never too late.  

Now I get up, wear my favorite dress without thinking what anyone else would think, without bothering how will I carry baby in this dress etc., put some make up (why I do not apply little makeup daily, it doesn't look that bad). Seems this day has a lot of self-murmuring. I feel like the teenager again.

I wave good bye to all and leave from home, the next thing I have in mind is where I would go. Oops! Such a stupid I am (probably I haven't planned because deep in my mind, I had a clue that this won't come true) but when it's right in front of me, I am clueless, such a dumb-ass!

Feeling confused like teenager, can't ask anyone else because they will not be lucky like me on the same day. 

I decide to pamper myself and go to the parlor, spend lavish 3 hours there without worrying how baby would be doing, without feeling guilty that how others would be judging me as a careless mom. 

What next? Every girls favorite-Shopping! though I am not at all shopping freak but I was needing few things from last few weeks but didn't get a chance to have them. 

I did a good shopping (not to mention I bought some extra useless stuff too), feel little guilty for spending husband's money, since I am not working now, he has lot more burden. But I know he will not mind it, he just wants to see me happy. I shut up the independent girl in me taking pledge of the love between me and him (I know little selfish, Oops!). 

Now I feel Hungry, I grab a cheap sandwich, in the guilt of spending so much in a day, after all I am not that selfish. 

What a fun filled day, now I miss my husband and baby badly and calls it a day off. 

So eager to reach home and show everything to my love and share everything I did today. I ring the bell but nobody answers. I ring it again and again, still no answer. I get worried. I think once more, then I will call my husband. 

Suddenly I hear him saying " Jao bhai, maid ayi hogi, darwaja kholo", (Open the door dear! maid must be waiting) I look shocking towards him, he adds, "jate hue apna Alarm band krti jana", (Turn off the alarm while going) I am still confused.

He shakes me completely then I realize, I was sleeping. Oh! What a wonderful dream I had. I sadly looks at him and think about what I lost. He looks surprisingly- why I am not going. I remember my favorite half hour in bed, let out a small sigh and get up to my NORMAL daily life. 

After instructing my maid I think since the baby is asleep, let's sit for 5 minutes and think about the wonderful dream. And then my champ decides to get up and very innocently with bright eyes, smiling lips and loving expressions says "Mamma!" and spreads her arm asking me to take her in lap, I feel ‘I live a life beautiful then my dream. how it would be had these two were not in my life. Often I miss myself, my old self but then I feel I am more mature, more confident now. All what I am today is mostly attributable to these two.’

Happiness, sadness it's all inside and makes a promise to myself I will live this to the fullest, does some tickling to my little fellow and my house is filled with laughter and love. 

I am so content now. 

And I know I am happy already!

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