Social Trade 
|   Jul 12, 2017
Social Trade 

Few years back, we heard 

'Kuber money deposits scheme'- 

"Double the money in just 5 years."

And they actually did it for initial few years and then?? 

They ran away when people put their life long savings. 

Then came a scheme- 

"Put 100 Rs., add 3 members and you will be getting cheques in your hands."

Another one-  

"Give 7000 Rs., make as much members as you can and you will get monthly returns. 

The most lucrative thing they added is they will start computer labs where you can learn A to Z of computers so basically you are investing in education as well as earning."

Back then computer was a big deal, so many people got trapped, still doing the same. And I have not seen a single computer and not sure if they were able to get their investment back though the initial players would definitely be able to- of course to gain trust. 

Now came another- 

"Pay some initial amount, hit like and you will earn."

One more-

"Give 4 lacs, start venture, sell products of a "closed website."

when they are selling something why the website is closed?- you will get no satisfactory answer. 

If earning money is that easy? why are we in rush to earn more and more money very soon? Can't we study high, get a good job and earn a good, even if not huge, but a regular income? Or can't we put our hard work in some direct business and earn. 

Are they really selling products or ideas, are they promoting their businesses or they are just "Selling the Dreams."  If they are selling dreams, then what make them do so-  It's the active market- active market of Dreams.

Yes we are in hurry to make more and more money with lesser efforts.  

But why we need that money?- To be happy I guess. 

But does money brings happiness? Probably because after money we can post pics of foreign trips, get more praises on social media. Is it? 

I am not saying this is not important or it is bad or I don't do so. I am not saying money is not important at all but yes it's not everything. 

The ways to earn it should be little more fair. 

In the rush we end up loosing the hard earned money as well. 

Dont let anyone Rob you. Don't buy dreams, it doesn't go long way, hard work do. Just chase your dreams, you will know how it feels to achieve them. 

Don't let anyone take advantage of you. 

They just play with you psychologically, so beware. 

Live life, chase dreams but don't go for short-cut. Short cuts are really harmful.

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