The hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over
|   Aug 05, 2016
The hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over

Last night I reached home after work at 9 p.m, and was bombarded with questions from in-laws, with respect to my late coming and my child suffering due to this. After full days work and tiring journey from office to home, this was what I got.This is the story of my life.

Getting up in the morning , preparing breakfast for everyone, feeding the kid and not even having time for myself, I rush to office. After reaching home, again giving dinner to everyone , feeding the kid and then going to bed makes me feel as a corpse who just wants to lie in the coffin and sleep for ever. And there is my husband, who comes home late, not to hear one thing from parents only that he is working hard. So the question arises what am I doing? Am I partying with friends or just putting makeup and going out to have fun. I am woman, with normal abilities. I too get tired and exhausted after work. But still am trying to help my partner financially. So why this questioning , why this anguish and anger on me. I try my best to take care of family, take out everyone for vacations, take kid and in laws for regular checkup , attend the relatives and even take leave from office for same.Even my Saturdays and Sundays becomes busiest day of week. I hardly get time to relax .But end of day I feel people around me are unhappy. I get scolding for returning late from office . When its late than 8 p.m I enter my house as a thieve or a guilty person who has done some crime. 

Thus I decide to give up and resign from job,so that this agnipariskha comes to end . I know people say that manage it ,but it becomes so tough that you better say QUIT than manage. Was this the end of my life. I had put on all hard work graduating from college, finding job and now what? Quitting . I sat down and had discussions with my in laws, but they were not ready to accept the fact of my late coming. With this thought I went to office to put down my papers. After reaching the office I saw one of my staff carrying her 6 months baby and sweeping the floor. Oh ! its many of us out there struggling with same situation . At least I had the opportunity of someone looking after my kid in my absence. So instead of quitting I decided to fight with the situation and started to accept what life offered me. This is the start for me.

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