A pregnancy so different ! 
|   Dec 15, 2016
A pregnancy so different ! 

I'm sure all of us have so many different expertise and expectations when it comes to pregnancy. This little story differs in terms of all the phases a woman goes through in her beautiful 9 months. 

It was an early morning for Mehak, she purposely woke up soon to check on the big news with those wonderful 2 lines on the pregnancy detector.  Yes !! it was confirmed. She ran out to announce the news to her hubby who was anxiously waiting out for her. They both were elated. It was The biggest day of their lives. Both Varun and Mehak immediately went out to share the news with varun's mother who was still sleeping. but ... 

Mehak's mil had been after her to test her pregnancy since a week now. She did make her mil understand about the cycles and dates, but all in vain. As always, she wanted everything to go by her will. Anyway, when Varun broke the news to his mother, all she gave was a cold reaction. She casually congratulated them and went from there. Both Varun and Mehak stood there, unable to digest this reaction. It was very clear that Karuna ji ( mehaks mil) showed tantrums and her anger on not getting the test before. This shook Mehak to the core! The news she'd been waiting for, the biggest happiness of her life was being taken so lightly. Why? what had she done? It was just a small test which finally was done, why so much hue and cry over the dates? Instead of blessing her, pampering her and giving her advices karuna ji had ignored her. A lot was more to come, this was the beginning of a war, a very cold one. 

Varun stood by his wife. He did try and convince his mother to forget what happened and move on,but she was one of a kind. Being a mom of 2 boys, karuna ji was always pampered to the core. From what to wear,to the final decisions at home, it was just her say. And now when she became a mil,she was facing issues. 

Coming back to the story. On seeing no one bothering to take Mehak for a check up ( neither of her in laws) Varun took her to Mehak's mom's house. They got her checked at a gynae nearby who confirmed the news.😊 Mehak's life was getting tougher. She had to manage the household chores, do the laundry, the cleaning, preparing meals etc. without any help from her mil. Plus the atmosphere here was getting negative, both her in laws would not speak to her or enquire about her health. Days passed by and she was in her 3rd month. One afternoon, seeing her do all the work alone, Varun asked her to pack her bags as they would shift to their new home. Mehak was shocked. She definitely did not wanted to shift during her pregnancy but Varun had made up his mind. He did not want his child to be a furious one as were the people around them. They say, whatever a mom sees and feels, the baby is born with the same instincts. Varun like all other dads, wanted his child to be this happy and bindaas kid!

Hence, they moved to their new house. Their own house. A place where Mehak would not get up in panic, where she could rest and take good care of herself, afterall pregnancy is being at ease. Since Varun had a job which required him to be outstationed quite often, he decided to have Mehak deliver their baby at her mom's place and on occasions when he was not around,she would go to her parents place and be at ease. This way she would not be alone and he would be assured there are people around her. On hearing this, Mehaks parents were elated, they would willingly take care of her and the soon to be coming baby. However, the responsibility came with serious levels of tensions also. Since taking care of your daughter during this phase is extremely critical, many mom's do not take this responsibility. But Varun asaured her " Maa, you just take care of your children,for everything else i am there. Good or bad, it's my decision and I take the sole responsibility. There is no better place than this,where my family can be well taken care of.. Also, i give you full authority for taking decisions with regard to mehak and my baby". These words were enough for both Mehaks parents. But on the other hand,Varun's parents were superbly ferocious, for months together they did not speak with both of the. From there on, Varun and Mehak's family were her only support system. All doctor visits, check ups and tests were managed and taken care of by Mehaks parents ( when varun was not around,which he mostly was not). 

Days were converted into months and Mehak kept shuffling between her parents home and her own, and finally she was entering her 9th month. Both were anxiously waiting to hear the news any time now. One fine day, out of the bloom Varuns parents came to their house, at first Mehak thought it was their guilt that got them here but no she was wrong.. her battle was not yet over . . Today Karuna ji was sounding pleased and happy, she prepared food for the entire family, helped with all that she could. This came as a shock to both Varun and Mehak, but they were sure she had come for a reason. Karuna ji knew that the due date was very near and people around were saying things about her ( that why was Mehak not at her in laws place? why instead at her parents house? where would delivery take place etc ). well little did she think about all these things during the past 8 months !!! She was a very smart lady who had cooked up innumerous stories earlier but now she had to do something to save her name and respect in the society. Karuna ji very calmly told Mehak " what has happened,has happened !  it cannot be changed. but we can take care of what is about to happen". Mehak asked her what she meant.. To which she said " you can get the delivery where ever you wish to, but the baby will first enter his/her daadis house.. i will take care of you for 11 days, do the havan ( the religious ceremony done for purity) and then you can go to your mother's place!. Mehak was shaken till depth. She was underestimating this woman, she had immense guts and power.. there were no signs of guilt or even an apology to what she had done. Alas !! Mehak was also equally strong now .. she knew how to tackle this. She said " I understand what you really mean,but when my parents took utmost care of me and my baby throughout this time, then aren't they more deserving to see their grand child than you.. when i needed you the most,you had a swollen face.. no happiness, no wishes and not a single advice from you... the credit here goes to my parents and my husband, who unstopingly took care of me and this, the entire society will see... 

Whooo.. that was a big one.. She looked at Varun and went out. Varun followed her to speak to her but she insisted on going back home. Varun was not very happy with the way she behaved, but only she knew what she had gone through. In a week Mehak was blessed with a baby boy,as adorable as Varun.. Both the families met each other and in the happiness of the baby forgot everything. The ultimate purpose was fulfilled. Mehak was by her words, her baby entered his Naani's house with all customs and rituals. She stayed at her parents place till she recovered fully and then took her little one home.  Today Mehak is extremely happy and busy with her little brat and enjoying time with him immensely. When she sees him bubbly and happy all the time, she thanks her hubby for standing up for her baby and her parents for giving her the best environment, needed by her that time. She has not forgotten things but clinging to them is also not her. Things will settle on their own but her marks will take a lifetime to heal. 

Womanhood is all about strength and power. We just need to have the will and determination to get things right in their place. The boys family does have a right over his family and their decisions first, but when it's a choice between standing for the rights in life, always do so. It will be tough in the beginning but will ultimately get smoother. 

My blog is dedicated to all ladies, mothers now . . mother in laws later.... please give love and respect to your dil, she is someone's piece of heart.. the love and care you give her now, will get multiplied and return to you. Specially in a delicate phase of pregnancy, she needs you the most. I know there are mil's who are lovingly taking care of their dil's, hats off to you all !!!

P.S.  This is a real story. please add in your views and share your stories.

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