Amazing parenting facts, a lot us are unaware about!
|   Feb 28, 2017
Amazing parenting facts, a lot us are unaware about!

Becoming a mom is phenominal. It's the most precious gift bestowed by the Almighty. Motherhood profoundly amends every little thing around you, be it your body, your schedules, your attitude and vision, your mind .. everything!  The realisation of this wonderful fact can definitely make expectant mom's nervous yet excited. The journey of being a mom is very often showcased through media coverage, the various movies and the unending tv sagas, but believe me, no body on the earth can really prepare you for your life post delivery!

A lot of new mom's are so earnestly engrossed in their new born, that they hardly take care of their own selves, because all the effort and time goes into this new tiny member. It's imperative for us to know certain set of facts,that no one tells/shares with us. These are however important for the well being of the mom and her baby. 

1. Postpatrum depression : Yes, all you new moms, this is real and manier times 'colossal'. Delivering a baby is no game, it's essentially a very tedious task. It takes up everything. With the physical aspects, a woman also goes through tremendous mental issues. All the people around you, from your friends to your nagging relatives would want you to be happy, overjoyed and cheerful but they can seldom fathom what she is going through. Feelings of boredom, fatigue, sadness are very usual. Your life is changed for ever and from henceforth would revolve around your munchkin. Though these feelings will sink in and get settled over a period of time, but during those tough days and nights you must have that 1 person with whom you can share your feelings and emotions. Vent out your fears and get set for this new and beautiful journey.

2. Contractions for the next few days : Your body has given birth to a new life,a full fledged human. It is bound to change profoundly. Depending on the type of pregnancy, you might encounter contractions for sometime post childbirth. Generally such pains subside post your 1st period. The pains take place cause your uterus is returning to its pre- pregnancy size and place. These pains are minuscule in the 1st pregnancy cause a first time mom has strong uterine muscles. In a lot if cases even breastfeeding can cause contractions, because sucking releases oxytocin a harmone that releases contractions. 

You must just relax and give it time, it will pass eventually. 

3. Breast milk provides immunity against infections as well as HIV : I surely did not know about the HIV point, but this is a proven fact! We all know mother's milk is the best thing a mom gives to her child, as it contains great immunity power. A very recent research has highlighted, that mother's milk protects the baby against HIV also. Exclusively breastfeeding for the 1st six months means a 3 timesls reduced risk of HIV.  It has antioxidants in it. So new mom's, feed your baby as much as you can . This way you're also giving them a stable and hearty life. 😊

4. All new mom's cannot breastfeed : Yes, that's a fact. Lucky are the ones who get to feed their new borns immediately and express milk quickly. As per experts, expressing milk immediately after childbirth is essential to have a good milk supply. Quite often it takes a while for the new mom to lactate. For an x mom, lactation would start as early as 30 minutes but for a y mom it might not happen for a day or even 2. A majority of factors like, pre mature birth, stressful pregnancy or loosing blood can be counted as reasons. You must speak and discuss this with your gynaecologist and inculcate ways to increase the milk supply. Like have products that have ample amount of milk in them. The more is the milk intake, the better will be the milk supply for your new born.

5. Inability to control normal bodily functions : New mom's can loose control over their bladder and other functions of the body. This is called " Stress Incontinence". This is absolutely normal and natural. It's one of the commonest issues in a new mother, because during child birth your pelvic muscles weaken and stretch. Since such amendments are going on in your body, you might not control your normal body functions. You must not be ashamed of this. This is all right!  You have given birth to a baby afterall, it's but natural to encounter diverse changes.

Motherhood and childbirth are both torn you apart a woman. The various changes, amendments and and switches are very matural to occur. It's a phase every woman passes through! Keep your cool and calm and think, this time shall also pass. Once the baby grows out of your lap,you will only have memories to stay with. 

Happy Motherhood ladies !!! 

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