C- section or Normal delivery! What difference does it make 😊
|   May 31, 2017
C- section or Normal delivery! What difference does it make 😊

Well I immensely believe in the heading of my blog. So much has been talked, discussed and passed down from 1 to the other generations about the type of "Birthing" but seldom has anyone respected the mom's choices. Various pro's and con's of normal versus C section, the body of the new mom and not to forget the health of the new born baby, people have no interest in all these things.  However, things are not much in a mums hands, she will deliver depending on her condition on the D day and what her gynaec decides for her.

Ummm .. I can very proudly declare that i opted for a cesarean birth and i do not repent a bit about it... it goes like...

I was 32 weeks pregnant and my munchkin was making all attempts to pop out anytime soon. I was at my mom's place for my delivery and 1 evening suddenly I could sense something wrong. On examination, I found out my water bag has been broken, actually punctured!! On explaining the condition to my gynaec, I was advised to wait and get admitted the next day. Well, i have no words to describe how that night passed for me. 

I was happily admitted by 7 in the morning, thinking, finally my wait is over and I am going to hold my bundle of joy in my arms, but God had other plans for us! My neo natal care room was adjacent to the labor room and I could only hear howling, crying and screamings for the rest of the day. Tests were being conducted on me every 2 to 3 hours to check for the baby's head and the dilation but nothing seemed to be happening at all. My gynaec came and did an internal check up which confirmed no dilation. Plus the water bag was just leaked from some corner and this confirmed my sweetie pie is not ready to come out. It was a false labor! Yet I was given 2 drips the whole day, was starved for food and water.. well this is how motherhood is.. What added to my concern was, the unbearable labor pain of the woman around me. They were kept in labor for various hours and after that abruptly a C section was decided for them. What was the use of it all? Getting pains and then going into labor sounds good but being in pain for good 12 to 14 hrs and then going for a section sounds ridiculous to me. I would want to add here, I'm no one to be judging all this, it's all on the body type, the mums bearing power and the circumstances that time and neither am I prompting mom's to opt one of the delivery types. I am describing what i had witnessed that time. 

The sight was electrifying for me as mom, who was in her final phase of delivery. The mind and the body are not upto the mark, the body goes through so much in all these months that visualising something like this becomes disturbing. I was 99% sure of a normal delivery,since i had zero complications, but my body was not ready for it. Plus the atmosphere there amended my thoughts on a normal delivery option. To come back to the story, my gynaec asked me to go back home after a horrendous 12 hours at the hospital, saying we will have to wait for some more time. This one day had made me more scared and shook my patience level. Anyway, we went home and after exactly 3 days the D day came. 

My water bag broke, this time profusely, leaving me exasperated. We immediately rushed to the hospital and on a final medical plus internal check, my gynaec opted for a C - Section for me. I was silently happy that God had made my wish come true, not that I was less afraid of a section, but was happy that my baby will not have to go through the torment of wait. After all a surgery was going to be performed on me with a knife going 7 layers down my skin 😈😈😈

So here I was all set and ready to be taken to the OT. Outside the labor room my hubby and my entire family was waiting to see me and wish me luck! My hubby accompanied me till the OT's enterance, since he had to sign those terryfying legal papers 😊. Post that I was taken to this huge, super cold room which had large white lights on the ceiling. A team of 5 doctors were getting ready to open up my body and get my munchkin out. My anaesthetic explained to me about how the syringe would enter my spine and it's negative impact if I moved an inch also. The moment they injected me, my entire lower body was numb. They pushed me down and started their task. I kept speaking with my aesthetic about a lot of things in general, he was a gem of a person. He took care of my BP and heart beat rate, by being super cordial with me and after about 15 mins, i was asked to push on the count of 3 and the next minute I heard my baby's crying. There are no words to describe, how a mom feels seeing her child for the 1st time. She does not think about the pain or her present condition that time, she is just engrossed in her little one. My baby was placed in my hands, I just saw him once and dozed off to sleep.

On getting into consiousness, I was in my ward with people all over the room. My body was aching profoundly and this pain was unbearable. I could not move, could not eat or drink for the next 24 hours. Steadily the numbness was diminishing and the pain was taking over it. 

So this is how my section was performed. The pain is intense and unendurable. Even after this, people say " c section is an easy way out for girls these days". Your body gets a mark for the rest of your life, a mark Im proud of ... your abdomen is wide open for the surgery, so how is it easy?? Being a mom is a task worth the effort and applause! If you want to say or understand things, first go through the pain!!

A mother is a mother, respect her choices in life.. Whether a section or a normal delivery, no one mode, is less painful than the other. She goes through a lot in her extreme 9 months span, her body gets out of shape which seldom returns to its normalcy again, she gives in her blood and flesh to make a human being. If you want, encourage her to be healthy and stand by her decisions. 


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