Never say these things when you're in a fight 💔
|   Nov 12, 2016
Never say these things when you're in a fight 💔

Relationships are a tough business. The increasing stressful lifestyles are making it even tougher to maintain them. However, we all fight with our partners as much as we love them, right ladies ! Fights reduce boredom and in the end make you even closer. But taking fights to an excessive level is a no no. At times we are so mad that we blurt out things and words we would never utter in sainer moments. Well girls, never forget he is the man of your dreams, the man you madly, religiously are in love with. Even if you're upset at the minute you definitely need to keep a check on your temper and fight sensibly. 

Adding experiences of mine with many others, I am jotting down certain things you should never say or do when you're in a fight with your better half.😆😆

# IT'S OVER AND I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU (then walk out) : Even you know in your heart you really don't mean a word of what you have said. But hearing this would really hurt! Your bond of love and trust can weaken by such petty words. In addition to it, if you walk out of the door you make things worse. It's tantamount to walking on him. Men are not brave at heart, they seriously cannot listen to such things. A relationship is built on things like love,trust, bond and finally your children. Never say words which you later regret saying. You do not want him to go through that turmoil.

# YOU'RE SUCH AN A***OLE (or get physical) : I'm sure our culture would not permit us doing this. Women are epitome of love and care and hearing this from his wife would infuriate him. We know communication with men can be extremely tough and it surely does irritate us but please please never get abusive or slap him.😈 Understand, language plays a pivotal role in your upbringing. What you say reflects you and your family. Never bow down so low. Mistakes are common and so are fights, but insulting your man also means putting down your own worth. Do not stoop that low. And ummm, raising a hand is unexpectable. The matter should either be resolved or spoken openly. Words and actions can never be taken back. 

# YOU'RE ALWAYS LATE AND NEVER BEEN THERE FOR ME : Such notions not only worsen the fights but also leave a mark in your relationship for ever. Words like "always" and "never" should not be used in fights. Undefiantly, he has stood by you in rough times, supported you, loved you and has been there for you. He has become a bridge between you and his mother, tried to get all the wonders of life for you and made you his queen.👑👑. He is working really hard to make ends meet. All men and women go through thick and thin patches in life but holding on tight to your spouse is important. At times just let things go and move steadily in life. There will be a time when only you and your partner will be there by each other bacause kids grow will eventually grow up and have their own lives, then a recap of all your deeds will come before you. So keep more of happy moments and less of blame game.

# YOU'RE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER OR POINT FINGER AT HIM : Oops! did you realise you just insulted him and his mom in a single sentence. There would be chances that you and his family members do not get along well but common don't drag them in your conversations and make the topic even Hotter 👹. Just like you,he loves his mom equally and she is an ideal for him. A mom is  a mom, she gives in a lot for her children and works stupendously hard to bring them up. She has made him worthy to marry you and make your life. When in an argument never bring a third person, especially his mom. This will only aggrevate the issue !!! Please avoid this. Come to think if your sister in law says such words to your brother for your mom, believe me you will just not digest it. So always keep in mind not to point finger, You point 1 at someone , the remaining 3 point back at you!

# I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU AND OUR RELATIONSHIP : I'm sure none of us want to ever be on the other side and hear this. Saying this actually shows that you may not put an end to the fight but also your relationship. Every relationship goes through ups and downs and that's how it adds experiences to life. Having small fights or petty issues is fine and normal but never dart out poisonous words like this. Even after having fights your spouse is still important to you. Have a control on what you say cause ot really damages things. People work extremely hard every inch and  bit to make it work. Many times you have to bow and apologise even  when you're correct. To make it worth living there has to be comprises also and for that never show you're tired of the man of your dreams.💑 He will think he holds a zero value for you and will start moving away. Ceratin sentences are always left behind in heart even when things turn normal again. 

# PLEASE DON'T START AGAIN AND (YOU START TO YAWN) : Now this is bad manners. It's a basic etiquette that when someone's talking to you and you yawn,it's a bad habit and the person talking feels offended. Plus when you yawn in a fight it's a crime. You show you're barely interested in solving the matter and are not willing to even listen. Let's atleast be on the same page,if you have said your bit let him also complete. It's always a 2 way road to love. 💝 Compassion and patience complete this journey. Do not take your spouse for granted, he might do something worse to ignore you the next time ans you will surely not be a victim. 

# IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT ( OR START TO THROW AWAY THINGS) : This way you have straight away convicted him. The relationship is not just his, it's equally yours and the mistakes are committed by you also. You can just not blatantly blame him and start hurling things here and there. You always clap with both the hands 👐👏. With this kind of attitude,it makes you a person who is completely unwilling to take the responsibility of the wrongs or resolve the issue. You show you are not confident enough to admit your shortcomings and by throwing things you come across an uncontrolled person. Now,that is too much to handle for him. So it's high time to collect the broken pieces of love and complete your relationship. 

# YOU HAVE CHANGED,YOU WERE NOT LIKE THIS AND START WEEPING : This happes mostly ! Tears are an easy way to let it go. They make the men weaker, when you cry. You must know the time and situations are not favoring you and questioning him like this is not fair and wise. Your spouse also feels low at times when you guys fight. He is not changing, his priorities are. A man has a lot to look after, he supports his family, manages work and home, becomes a rubber band between his mom and you. 👿 Women also handle tasks but men are made differently. They do not like comparisons. When times are tough, never put a question on him and his love. He loves you even more now, just that may be he has stopped to express it. Give him the time and space. Listen to him and his problems, know what he is going through cause men seldom express themselves. And please don't always cry,those puffy and swollen eyes will make him more guilty.

So, i hope ladies we can avoid the use of these words and make life simpler. Love has immense strength and it can make the most difficult relationships work. Love has and will always make the world going. Its amazing to be in love !!!

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