"Today let's discuss Men"
|   Oct 03, 2016
"Today let's discuss Men"

Today as I sit idle at 1:30 at night not willing to sleep after a superbly spent Sunday, I wish to pen down my thoughts on a subject one rarely talks about "Men". Yes, men synonymous as son's, husbands and fathers.

Since the very beginning I've been working, right after I did my 12th as this was my choice. I always intended to be independent after getting married also, here independence also means supporting my hubby financially also. We have always had mutual agreements on various decisions like my choice of work, purchasing a new house, owning a car and finally planning our family.

Becoming a mother is till date the most wonderful emotion one can feel and live! I am thoroughly having the best time of my life by seeing such beautiful transformations in my baby. A SAHM has an equal respect as a working mom, in spite of that I feel working mom's are such brilliant mom's as they manage everything to the core and they definitely have a colossal heart. But a SAHM does not in many ways support her hubby, as she's mostly confined to the house and her child. 

In my case I could not get back to work as I did not have a helping hand and I'm definitely not a mom to rely on nannies. This has led my hubby to work even harder. He is working with a leading airline and is mostly out on work for days and nights together. I feel bad a lot of time as he majorly misses our baby and his little accomplishments. He cannot take leaves when he wants to, the way he did when I was working. I understand a lot of women would blatantly say ' Oh come on, it's their only job!  They are supposedly the bread earner's and atm's of the family. Look how much we women work and manage, we are multi talented and dimensional. 

However I agree to differ!

Men have an equal share of juggles in their life, it's just they don't always open up to us for their tiniest issues. They do not complain like women. They have enormous responsibilities on them,they have targets to accomplish, struggles between work and home, mom and wife, managing finances of the house, preparing budgets and above all moving up the ladder in such a compitetive world out. Even they need breaks but they're not privileged to have.

I think if women also can contribute in the earnings of the house, life would be easier. I completely agree with the fact that a child needs the mother the most. My statement here does not intend to question either of the mom's  (Working as well as SAHM). They're both equipped to manage things fully. 

I personally am hoping that one day I would help and support my hubby and give him less stressful days. A day when he can take a leave from work for no reason, a day when he does not run for office or be on calls with his cabs and their locations, a day he can sleep without being exhausted, a day totally for him and his passion which was long lost in the burdened responsibilities. 

Working after becoming a mom is a personal choice which could be for either money, passing one's time or sharing the responsibilities. Remember ladies we were 1st wive's! 

Please do share in your views .

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