Woman - Proud to be one! 
|   Apr 26, 2017
Woman - Proud to be one! 

" One is not born a woman, one becomes one" ... 

Being a woman today is no small deal because it's actually a man's world that we live in. Everything is boasted and spoken about them, with the woman being " an important part" of their lives. We have only heard about the great strength a woman possesses & the amazing zeal to do multitasking but in my blog today, I wish to highlight certain qualities which only a woman possesses.

Her strength is ineffable : Both mental and emotional strength is in abundance with her. She is born in 1 family but is raised for another, she is educated in her parents home but that knowledge is used at her in- law's place๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. The agony of leaving her home and her family is 1 big deal. She adjusts to that, though people would say it's a norm! But can this norm ever be followed by a guy? Never.. It takes guts and strength to accommodate in a new environment and make your original family secondary. Then the beautiful pain of bearing a child and bringing them up. Men do not have that patience and are certainly not made for this. We are blessed that God chose woman to bear children, even he knows a man's capacity... The examples of her strength and determination do not end here, she gives up all her life to raise strong, independent and secured individuals. She gives up on her career and passions so that the family does not have to suffer. For a working woman it's even strenious, managing the house, the kids and her career. I'm not saying men can't multitask, but they can never have the strength and forbearance of doing these. For a woman her hubby and kids becomes the plethora of happiness and contentment for her. Giving up on anything is not easy, whether it's your habits, your attitude or your previous life. She is far far strong, indestructible and robust than men๐Ÿ˜Š

She is just full of love : Haven't we all heard it a zillion times. A woman is imbibed with utmost love, care and passion. Whether a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother... She has exceptionally filled these relationships with liveliness and effervescence. The daughter in her never forgets her parents even when her life is driven by her hubby. Her worries and concerns never take a backseat. The sister in her will always pay head to her younger siblings. She is there to guide them through rough patches and give them the correct advice. The wife in her is strong and passionate about her hubby and his family. She gives up on her comforts and luxuries to be one of them, gets down to their level of understanding to blend in their ways. The sacrifices and compromises are unending. Her nature of giving and spreading love is best showcased when she turns into a mother. A mom is a mom, what she can and will do for her kids is something no one can ever understand! She can find love in every possible thing on Earth, and that is why a woman is called the epitome of love.

She handles and manages 'your family' : It's not easy to take responsibility of someone else's family, even though this family is now her's. Her day begins with thinking on the breakfast menu and ends on deciding the dinner. Everything just changes for her forever. The new family has parents and other relations but with the tag line of " laws". So if any laws are broken you better be careful ๐Ÿ˜ˆ. The family expects a lot in terms of every little thing from her. She manages the home, the in law's, their ways and behaviours, likes and dislikes, norms of the house, takes a note of the do's and dont's ...blaah ..blaah...blaah.... The list is endless. It's said, what you give is what you get back but for her it's not the case. A woman keeps giving her time, her precious years, her prime time to the new family but seldom gets the same in return, the investment is huge but the returns are tiny...  A man cannot stay at his in law's place for more than a day with or without his wife, and think this woman stays in your house with and sometimes without you, her whole life!!! The irony here is, the man is treated as a king when he is at his in law's, yet he cannot be there for a long time and the woman is merely a member of her new family, and is yet happily adjusting and accommodating herself every day... She loves your family and wants to handle them well and that's why she is a woman. Her care is the backbone which creates a beautiful nest called home.

She is an alarm clock/ calendar for you : You can blindly depend on her. Her sharp memory will never let you miss on a single birthday or anniversary in the family. Well, that's the beauty in the way she is crafted! You practically have 1 person becoming a clock for you, waking you up on time, arranging your basics and making things easier for you. She has a long list of all important occasions in her mind or on a piece of paper (well at least she has the data, you will not even take the pain of doing this) and this way she binds you more with your family. She saves you from unnecessary embarrassments by reminding you of special occasions at her maika as well. Whether it's an important day for you, last day for bill payments, your kid's parent teacher meet or your cousin's wedding, when she is there you can be rest assured. 

She compromises to build a home : Well, not that you men never made compromises but her's are very extensive. She has become complacent of what she has in life. She has left her rosy and luxurious life to walk through thorns and bushes with you. There are tiny compromises that she has never let you felt also. Leaving out on her favourite dress so that you can purchase that denim jacket, you had your eyes on. Cancelling her long time vacation, so that you can buy your dream " microsoft surface pro". Accumulating and adding little money from here and there to surprise you, saving for the kids, going places where you want to go, giving up on her work to manage kids (though it's an individual decision, but for people not having family support, it's a compromise)... so on & so forth. Her own parents and family have taken a back seat so that you and your family come in the aft. She compromises on her sleep so that you can reach office on time, you can easily work in office without worrying about the house and kids because SHE IS THERE! The list of a woman's giving in and giving up and endless and would take  a lifetime to understand.

You are on the top list and your place is intact : You have a beautiful woman in your life in the form of your wife and there are people of all sorts around her. If she is working, there might be men adoring her all the time. If she is a teacher, there would be a line of students willing to take a glimpse at her. If she is a sahw or sahm, there might be neighbours envying you all the time. But you be assured that you are the only man in her life. There is no body on Earth as important as you are to her. She is truly, passionately and completely yoursโคโค. Once she is committed to you, the chances of flings and little distractions are ruled out. You must always trust on her loyalty and honesty. She is unaffected by all everything else. What is important is, what you think of her and what place does she hold in your life. You are very safe in her heart. . A relationship does not become successful on the basis of marriage only, it needs love, compassion, trust, honesty and dedication. 

She is singularly passionate and driven :  Yuppp.. she knows what to be done, how to be done and when to be done. She can divide her day and time wonderfully, she takes time out for the kids, for you, for the unending and demanding other's in the house and for her own self. Sending kids to school, packing you and your lunch to your office, getting ready and going for work and simultaneously completing the cumbersome tasks at home and work. She manages all, yes at times the work load takes a  toll on her but she manages to come out of it pretty easily. On a sunday she would complete the pending tasks while you have the liberty of having a day off. Not to forget, she does the grocery and other shoppings and maintains the house and makes it presentable. It is this driving force to do things, that make your home๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š The above and various others are qualities that a woman possesses. They are made like this. There is no ambiguity in the fact that a woman is the epitome of sustenance. She needs you the most, your time and some kind words. She is not greedy for a vero moda dress or gucci watch -- These are polishing agents. She needs your love as the base, appreciate her for what she is and make the base strong. We must and should appreciate woman every day without waiting for a single International woman's day...


Cheers to all the men reading this

Kudos to all woman for being one !!!!


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