Are my kids safe in this terrorised world?
|   Apr 04, 2016
Are my kids safe in this terrorised world?

The Sunday Evening

Fun on the swings, thrill on the rides was all that they wanted,

A visit to the amusement park on a Sunday was all that they demanded. Rolling up the roller coasters and jumping on the bungees,

The little ones were a happy lot, hiding in the bushes and climbing up the trees. They jumped and they laughed and looked as adorable as bunnies,

In between the running and scampering, they also kissed their mommies. What a lovely sight it was, the little ones beaming with joy,

Alas, to end it all, in place was already a ploy. BOOM went the explosion, a deafening noise it made,

Bodies whirling up in the air, red became the green grass's blade. Tiny limbs and millions of dreams lay scattered all around,

Cries,wails and shrieks were the next sounds. Then there was blood and terror and an eerie silence,

Moments ago where echoed countless laughter's had now become a haven for tyrants. Stop this insane bloodshed and stop spewing venom, for heaven’s sake,

Spreading hatred and taking innocent lives will be your gravest mistake. For there is a God above watching all that you do,

You will achieve zilch and pay for your inhuman deeds,  a heavy price too. In tribute to the innocent lives lost in the Lahore blast on Sunday, March 27, 2016.

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