Ek bhai to hona chahiye
|   Apr 25, 2017
Ek bhai to hona chahiye

Gender discrimination has been in our country since ages. Having a girl child is considered a taboo. Although that has changed a lot with time and education, it is still practised widely across the whole country. So, if the first child is a girl, people would immediately say - “Ek bhai to hona chahiye. Dusra try karo.” Now who is going to give guarantee that the second child would be a boy? And what if, the second one also turns out to be a girl? Do I need to try again and keep on trying again and again? And for what? To have a boy? But why is having a boy child so very important?

These illiterate mindsets feel that the girl would grow, get married and move to other family. The boy will remain with us. How can you be sure that when your boy grows up, he will live with you and look after you? Most likely he will leave you alone and live somewhere else with his family. Why do you expect that in old age, your boy will take care of you? Save enough money for your old age and take care of your body so that you remain fit and healthy for longer duration in life.

Such people also feel that the boy will keep their family’s name going on in future. How does that matter? Who remembers you once you are dead and for how long? People know you only as long as you are alive. So better to utilize the time you have and do some good in your life. Your name does not matter, but your deeds do. A child is innocent and is a pure representation of God. Whether it is a boy or a girl; does not matter. Give unconditional love to your child and raise him/ her in a loving, affectionate and positive environment so that he or she turns out to be a good human being. Give them proper education and raise them to be responsible individuals.

Despite sex determination prohibited by the government for so long, such people tend to find sex of the child before birth and abort it if it is a girl child. As per the Population Census of 2011, the population ratio of India is 940 females per 1000 males. Although it is an upward trend, when compared to the 2001 census ratio of 933 females to that of 1000 males; there is still a long way to go. Women are the source of existence of life. If you remove them only, how will new life come into existence?








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