10 ways mother stops child's development
|   May 04, 2016
10 ways mother stops child's development

Parents nowadays are extremely involved in parenting. In a way its good and in a way it is bad also. Too much of anything can be bizzare.

Few are the points which if parents follow can ruin the child. However little here and there in this is acceptable but extreme of these points can hinder a child's growth. 

1. Place your child’s needs over those of family. If he cries, run to him immediately. If he interrupts, give him your full attention.  

2. Give your kid everything he wants. Never deny their wants. Overvalue money and things in his eyes.  

3. Giving over importance to your child by entertaining your child throughout the day. If they want to play, put your plans aside. If they want    to watch their favorite movie for the hundredth time, forget your plan for that evening.

4. Always plan your menu around your child’s desires. If, by chance, you want to make something other than macaroni and cheese, feel free to cook your own meal and encourage child to enjoy all delicacies.

5. Sign your child up for as many extracurricular activities as they desire, even if it means giving up your family time on a regular basis.

6.Don’t share your faith and rituals with your child. The thought is too hard, and your child might not understand. More than that, she won’t be self-dependent and strive to be a good person.

7.Dress your child in expensive branded clothes. Show them that their outward appearance matters most of all.

8.Don’t discipline your child when she acts up. Everyone should learn to express herself in her own way. But as a mother we should correct their approach  

9.Don’t worry when your child fights with neighbor kids or even when he is a bully. You are making the child lose patience and adapt  aggression at a young age.

10.When your child has a disagreement with an adult or a teacher, always choose your child’s side. Avoid facing the problem or discussing the issue with your child.

So we should be very careful in what we teach to our child and most importantly how we behave in front of these silent observers. A good parent avoids the above or tries to balance it

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