Expensive clothes makes child feel confident - Really???
|   Aug 23, 2016
Expensive clothes makes child feel confident - Really???

This summer vacation my husband and his friend planned a trip to Goa with family. We all were very excited. It was a much needed vacation. Once the program was finalized I and Neha (wife of my husband's friend) decided to go for shopping. I am a shopaholic and a deal hunter. While walking I got a sneak peak of an offer running at reliance trends. I asked Neha to join me. She immediately replied that I prefer only best for my princess. I believe international designer stuff are best because they are expensive, have quality and personifies its image on your child and make them more confident. I want my daughter's clothing to make an impression. We dress her so that when we take her out, people look at her and say, 'Wow.'" So you go ahead I will check out other store. I was dumbstruck.

Her words were continuously playing ping pong in my mind. We all want what's best for our kids. But I thought that meant the best care and the best education and not the so called expensive clothes. My daughter was super excited and her eyes were gazing the merchandise laid at the store. I was following her but still I was in my own thoughts. The kiddie clothing business is booming. The fashion industry has discovered that some parents will pay a lot for kids' clothes and so many high-priced designers are funding fashion shows -- complete with 5-year-old gliding down runways in miniskirts and knee-high fur boots -- hoping that children's clothing stores will carry their high-end fashions for kids. I find it hard to believe that parents will pay 10000 for kiddie coat, and 7000 for tiny miniskirts.

I was busy with my deep thoughts meanwhile my daughter dragged me to one of the kids outlet in the mall. She was very excited and she picked couple of dresses for her. The collection was really good. I would say complete trendy summer wear for kids. The kind of prints and collection it had I didn't mind to shell extra penny. It seems value for money. We finished shopping and Later Neha and her daughter joined us.

Finally we went to Goa. At the onset of the trip I noticed Neha's daughter Pari was very much conscious related to her accessories and clothes. The reason was quiet obvious. In the entire trip both the kids enjoying the beaches of Goa and was very carefree. They rolled in the mud, bathe in the water, cycled, played Frisbee, made sand castle, enjoyed sightseeing, etc. But I could see Neha's eyes following Pari and in a way telling her to be careful. I know Neha's eyes were questioning - Will my child ruin the clothes that I painstakingly chose for them and spent hard earned money on? What if my child grows out of her cloth? Will my child and people appreciate the clothing I buy him or her?

To me, none of these points matter. I could see my daughter enjoying the bright sunny days of Goa without worrying about those expensive designer clothes and yet be confident and making impression with her small little adorable acts. Good quality stuff need not be expensive all the time. International labels should not be the parameter of quality. Buy clothes if you like the quality of the fabric, the print and the design and sometimes if you are lucky you will come across brands which have international look and yet pocket friendly.

When we were back to home I was going through the images in the laptop. According to Neha if clothes really personified a person than the image I could see was of a free spirited and fun loving girl..... Yes the clothes should be such which let you chase your dreams and make you enjoy your childhood and not burden you with silly things.

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